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A Modest Proposal: What If, Instead Of Eating Our Kids, WE JUST WROTE SOME DAMN CHECKS!

Universal Basic Income. Do it, Trump. Make more than a third of the people not hate you.

Son of Zombie TrumpCare Dead (Again)… Wonkagenda For Wed., Sept. 27, 2017

TrumpCare dies (again), Jill Stein Facebook ads paid for in rubles, and brace yourself, the Trump Tax is coming.

Trump All GRRRR At Black People, For A Change. Wonkagenda For Mon., Sept. 25, 2017

Sportsball ruined forever, Merkel holds on, and Peggy Noonan ponders peace through Trump. Your morning news brief.
These pickled eggs are definitely off

Sad Gary Johnson Isn’t A Dummy. YOU’RE The Dummy, You Dummy!

Stop being mean to Gary Johnson, or he might bite you.
thanks seattle

Turns Out Starbucks Is A ‘Grande’ Tax Avoider! And Other Assorted Coffee Talk

Good day, fiends, junkies, and catalog models. It's officially Fall, which means it's time for some Coffee Talk! What have our caffeinated Corporate Persons have been doing with themselves when they're not competing to create the flavor least likely to...

North Carolina Pretty Much Just Selling Poor People For Dog Food Now

Arizona and Texas need to step up their game, because North Carolina is going balls to the wall to be the most batshit crazy state. In the duel categories of “Moneylingus for the Rich” and “Dicking Over the Poors,”...

GOP Senators Have Had Quite Enough Of Your ‘Research’ And ‘Economics’

Are you tired of petty partisanship, of red/blue bickering, of the enthusiastic embrace of blatant falsehoods generated for political gain? Well you can cross another enemy off the list, because Senate Republicans have finally stood up to the reprehensible grandstanding...

Florida Genius Protests Obama Taxes By Throwing Money At People

Everybody knows Florida politics is serious business, executed by serious people with reasoned and logical beliefs. We should all definitely take them seriously, because they are definitely sane and not at all the opposite of that. Take Gary Root, for...

New Anti-McCain Ad Insufficiently Comical

If you're going to do a 30-second spot about John McCain going to Bermuda to defend offshore tax shelters, you should show like FRUITY DRINKS and Bo Derek prancing in the surf and joyful black people playing steel drums....

Joe Lieberman Believes John McCain Still Has The Full Complement Of Male Gonads

At about the 7-minute mark in this clip from yesterday's Meet the Press, Joe Lieberman nervously clears his throat and giggles that John McCain has not had any sexual reassignment surgery (that we know of!) and he "remains all...