tax cuts

As we saw last week, America in the late 1970s was in quite the fix, and what we really needed was for a man on a white horse to come and save America at the last moment. Someone always comes to save America at the last moment. And as today’s soundtrack reminds us, when America […]

Barack Obama is feeling a little feisty after yesterday’s big football-spiking speech. Today, he went to Ann Arbor, where he visited Zingerman’s deli with Senate candidate Gary Peters, then gave a speech at the University of Michigan calling for an increase in the minimum wage. And since he had so much fun yesterday saying “there […]

Buenos dias, wonkeros and wonkiritas. Are you tired of reading/hearing/tweeting about #BRIDGEGHAZI yet? Isn’t there some other outrageous news from petulant rightwing asshats that we can carp about for a while? Well, glad you asked! New Hampshire Senator and Tea Party favorite Kelly Ayotte has set her sights on screwing immigrants across the country. No, […]

Hey Congress, watcha doing? Making laws and working hard, ahahahhaha, yeah right, pardon us and our humor. The House has already skipped town to go home and await the arrival of White Santa, and the Senate just finished voting on the two-year compromise budget resolution, which passed 57-33. A COMPROMISE?!?! Yep, it seems that Sen. […]

Hallo, Comrades! Did you wake up this morning feeling extra-communisty? We sure did, but we weren’t quite sure why we had a deep urge to fling our rich clothes to the poor, a la St. Francis of Assisi. Of course, there’s a reason we didn’t know why: We’re pinheads!!1! And if our heads are the […]

We like snark, and sometimes we pick on people because they do really dumb things that make this country worser and worserer. However, even if we dislike people’s policies, actions, accents, and pinky fingers, we respect everyone as a HUMAN BEAN. With that preamble out of the way, we are happy that George W. Bush […]

Perhaps you have just watched John Boehner manage to stop himself from weeping through his press conference outlining where we go now, after yesterday’s ceremonial Shitting of the Bed. And you noticed (after of course noticing the ease with which he told fat lies like he was Mitt Romney in orangeface, again) that he mentioned […]

Mitt Romney will fix the economy. Okay. How. Well, now, let’s just hold on a minute and take things one step at a time. The first step is to say that he “can absolutely make the case that now is the time for something dramatic.” Once he has furthered the case that he can absolutely […]

President McMuslimbot took to the podium today to introduce his new tax proposal that’s he’s had for about 10 years: extending (for one year) the “middle-class” tax cuts on all but the top two marginal income tax brackets, meaning each dollar of income above $250,000 would be taxed at rates last seen during the oppressive […]

You know what we DON’T need, especially in this economy? An agency dedicated to spurring economic growth, encouraging exports, and funding investment in local businesses, that’s what. Chris Chocola, a former Republican congressman and current president of the Club For Growth, took to The Hill yesterday to make these and other incoherent arguments about why […]

Former President and world-wide champion rodeo clown George W. Bush said Tuesday he wishes his name weren’t so firmly attached to one of his administration’s signature pieces of legislation known as the “Bush Tax Cuts.” He recently made his feelings known at the New York Historical Society. But why is the former president having such […]

Mitt Romney is “reintroducing himself” to the conservative base after running for president for six to seven years. He comes bearing the most creative of new economic plans: A big sloppy tax cut to throw in everyone’s fat faces.

What has Congress been up to these days? We didn’t fire them, right? Yes, it would appear they still have jobs, and that job is continually “avoiding shutdown” because voters dividing power between the two very polarized parties these days is akin to snapping the government’s neck and putting it on life support. Sure, the […]

Once again, we are posting the results of a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, which sets up a bowl of suet and has Annie Leibovitz take a snapshot of the Americans around it while Andy Rooney complains about how we don’t use suet anymore. So what is the important lesson we have learned this time, besides […]

With a greater majority than passed the Bush tax cuts the first time, the United States House of Representatives passed the Obama-Republican tax-cut thing early this morning, 277 to 148. Across this great country the wealthy smiled, went into their children’s bedrooms, watched them sleeping there peacefully in their beds of cocaine, and decided to […]