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How am I supposed to be a good person with that nickname?

Michael Cohen: I AM NOT A CROOK!

We'll presume Cohen's tapes have far fewer anti-Semitic rants. Probably.

The Great Trump Tape Escape! Wonkagenda For Fri., June 23, 2017

Trump's says there's no tapes, the Senate starts tax reform, and the alt-right is breaking apart. Your morning news brief!

Ailes: Respected Non-Partisan News Organization ‘Fox’ Did Not Make Hot Monkey Sex On David Petraeus

Sometimes, we like to lie around and wonder stuff. Like, "What is it like being human pile of mildewed old sandwiches Roger Ailes?" Is it fun? We bet it is fun. You can send people to the dungeon; you...

Romney Tape Is Missing Two Minutes That Will Probably Lose Obama The Election

Two days after everything changed because Mitt Romney made clear he really, truly does not care for 47% of America, conservative bloggers have finally found the key to saving Romney's ass from the comments they also think are entirely,...

Famous Lying Dildo Joe Miller Sues Alaska For Using ‘Discretion’

What is the one thing that Joe Miller hates more than anything, besides "Lisa Murkowski"? Discretion. Joe Miller hates discretion, because how can you "discreetly arrest someone for asking a question"? You can't, QED. So it should come as...

Shocker: White House Pissed at NYT