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Wonkagenda: September 27, 2016

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Donald Trump Wishes He Could Haul Off And Punch DNC Speakers Like BAM! So Hard

Donald Trump says he'd really like to hit some of the speakers at the Democratic convention really hard. Metaphorically. For now.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Flees University Building Dedication In Epic Snit

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, not a man given to patience, reason, or indeed any known habits of civilized humans, abruptly stormed out of a dedication ceremony at the University of Maine at Farmington Tuesday after noticing two (2) students...

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Will Teach Democrats Lesson By Refusing To Swear Any Of Them In

Let's say you've just won a special election for a seat in your state senate. Let's also say that although the governor of your state is from the other political party, he has already scheduled your swearing-in ceremony for...

GOP Source: Mitt Romney Threw ‘Tantrum’ At Univision ‘Brownface’ Forum

Oh, man. We were already aware that Egg Romney simply does not care for backtalk from The Help, and that Miffed Romney may not be great under pressure (or ever?). And Miffed Romney hasn't had a good day we...