Alabama Fixin’ To Throw Thousands Of Kids Off Medicaid For Their Own Good

The working poor are already working, and poor. Let's make life a bit harder for them!

Get Head Start For Your American Baby And Get Deported! Trump Admin’s Newest Sick, Evil Shit

At first you won't believe how evil these bastards are. Then you'll remember there's no bottom.

Let’s LOL At Donald Trump’s Maybe Vice Presidential Pick Mike Pence, Who Is A Idiot!

We got all your sexxxy dirt on Mike Pence RIGHT HERE.
A year is plenty of time to stop being poor.

Arizona Hopes To Out-LePage Maine, Screw Poors Harder Than Any Other State

Arizona now has the most punitive restrictions on cash payments to poor families with kids. Don't worry, some other state is certain to steal that honor.
Oh, it's this asshole again

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Takin’ All The Federal Welfare Monies, Not Giving It To Poor Kids. Huh!

Horrible bile monster and Maine Gov. Paul LePage hates poor people, but keeps getting federal funds intended to help them. What to do, what to do...?
We dunno.

God Turns His Back On Gay-Hatin’ Tennessee Lawmakers

It's a bad week for gay-bashing political types in the Tennessee legislature. They just KNEW they had an ace in the hole, a sexciting new way to ban the Supreme Court from forcing gaysexual homo-nasty into their Christian throats,...
Image: Jesus said unto the hungry masses, go get a job you lazy deadbeats

Jeb Bush Rekindles Campaign Excitement With Pledge To Screw The Poors

Jeb Bush may have started the week looking like an incompetent nebbish, but he wrapped it up with a strong appeal to the GOP's deranged sociopath wing, proposing that the federal food stamp program be eliminated and replaced with...
"Screw you, kid"

Indiana Stealing $3.5 Million From Poors, Giving It To ‘Pro-Life’ Church Ladies

Quick question: Does this sound like healthcare to you? Gov. Mike Pence announced a $3.5 million contract Monday with the anti-abortion organization Real Alternatives. The stated purpose of the Pennsylvania-based Real Alternatives is to "actively promote childbirth instead of abortion."...

Kansas Plan To F*ck The Poors Somehow Costing Millions, Is That Bad?

Kansas Republicans had a terrific plan to turn their state into the best state EVER, with tax cuts for the rich and -- well, that was mostly the plan. Surprise! It hasn't worked, and not just because the evil...
Oh, it's this asshole again

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Will Starve Your Kids, Because You’re Probably A Gross Junkie Anyway

So, we know that Maine Gov. Paul LePage is an asshole, and that he likes to do everything he can to fuck the poors. Now, he has come up with a new trick, in the form of Maine LD...
Supply-Side Jesus approves. Real Jesus might object.

It’s Arizona’s Turn To F*ck The Poors, Again

Arizona is all out of money, whoops, so the Republicans who control the state have decided, in their fiscally conservative wisdom, to close the $1 billion budget gap by cutting welfare that the federal government pays for. Good plan,...
hands off my benefits

States Find Cash Cow: It Is Impoverished Kids in Foster Care, Hooray!

If you are a child in foster care, things are probably not going your way. You're not living with your parents, and a state agency is in charge of you. You're probably very poor, and maybe you are disabled....
We might go see a band named 'Welfare Piss Test'

Welfare Drug Tests Don’t Work, So Now Republicans Want Them Everywhere

In an enormous surprise to nobody who saw it fail miserably in Florida, it turns out that drug-testing applicants for welfare doesn't work well anywhere else, either. Think Progress reviewed the seven states that currently require applicants for Temporary Assistance...

Scott Walker Will Fight For Wisconsin’s Right To Collect Poor People’s Pee

Scott Walker, locked in a tight race for his second term as governor of Wisconsin, wants his constituents to know he's committed to their conservative Midwestern values. It's all right there in his campaign's new manifesto, "Continuing Wisconsin's Comeback":...

Arizona Wimps Out, Decides Not To Starve Poors During Shutdown After All

In what has to be a disappointment to Fox News viewers everywhere, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has reversed the state's plan to not issue welfare checks during the government shutdown, bringing to an end Arizona's distinction of being the...