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We have been so very concerned for our dear friend Willard, who has lost too many elections now to be able to keep trying not to lose them. Where would he go? What would he do? A man’s gotta eat, and when you can only scrape together $13.7 million a year by continuing to exist, […]

See that man? Of course you see that man, every night in your nightmares, where he lives. WELL THAT MAN IS NOT TAGG ROMNEY. It is his brother, Snurr. But since it was our runner-up Gif Of The Year (That We Stole From Buzzfeed), it will illustrate all Tagg Romney posts, because fuck it. So […]

Whatever, being president is dumb. Who would want that anyway? I’m glad I didn’t get to be president. I’m going home. And give me my basketball back! These are the thoughts of one Willard Romney, per his son of equally silly name, Taggert, who told the Boston Globe that, like, whatever man, Dad didn’t even […]

It is time, once again, to PANIC! As you can see above, Unskewed Polls has released a new chart that at first blush doesn’t seem to have any basis in reality. So why would they post such a hilarious result? Well, you have not been keeping up with Your Wonkette. Let’s rectify that now! It […]

Do you ever wish you could see into the future? Well thanks to today’s Politico story on how the Romney family has finally wrested control of Miffed’s campaign from the seriously incompetent Stuart Stevenses et alia, we now know that Tagg Romney has taken on the role of enforcer in his dad’s campaign. This makes […]

Fifty-First President of the United States Tagg Romney is hopping mad at the liberal media! This is what he perceives the hit AMC period piece Mad Man to be. On last night’s episode — THIS IS NOT A PLOT SPOILER, JUST A CUTESY ASIDE — Betty’s Republican operative husband, working for then-New York Mayor John […]

This is totally what you were expecting, wasn’t it? [Twitter]

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Meet the Romneys

by Alex Pareene