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Let These Chickenhawks Explain You Why Chuck Hagel/Military Service Are Irrelevant In Post-9/11 World

Are you sick of hearing about Chuck Hagel? We are sick of hearing about Chuck Hagel too, but there are so many pearls of wisdom and hidden insights in this New York Times article about him that we cannot...

McCain Economic ‘Surge’ Would Add Thousands Of Troops To Aid War On Economy

A leaked McCain campaign memo outlines the Republican candidate's bold plan for the American economy. It goes something like this: WAR WAR WAR WAR TAXCUTS WAR. Applying some valuable lessons from our adventure in Iraq, the McCain economic "surge"...

Barack Obama Secretly Runs Senate Banking Committee!

Here's our pal Barack Obama, saying that the Senate Banking Committee -- "which is my committee," he says -- passed some bill about something. Problem is, he's not actually on the Senate Banking Committee at all. Maybe he meant...

Bush Speech Full of Victorious Lies

Iraq Forever!

Via Con Dios, Jorge

The Surge is Done!

Your Job’s Your Credit

160 Killed In Terrible Massacre

The SURGE Is Working!