Did you know Mitt Romney once saved a 14-year-old girl’s LIFE? He did that by going to look for her after she disappeared. Even though he did not actually find her. And she was just sleeping off an Ecstasy binge. But no, Mitt Romney is like Ryan Gosling times Morrissey plus Superman minus Kryptonite. Mitt […]

There is plenty of Insanity happening out there already to support the idea that maybe this country is getting close to arriving at the End Times, but just in case anyone was still holding onto some “Hope,” last week we received absolute confirmation that everything will be horrible forever, and Barack Obama will continue to […]

Michelle Obama is so bored right now. Last week, she completely eradicated obesity, forever, and now there’s nothing to do but hide out in the East Wing, where she doesn’t have to hear the constant whine of the Garden State soundtrack coming from Emo Obama’s side of the house. But our FLOTUS is not one […]

Everybody thought Rahm Emanuel was going to be such a hard-ass mobster for Barack Obama, but the actual strategy seems to involve Rahm personally saving people all over Washington every day, until everybody in town literally owes their life to Rahm. The superhero chief of staff saved a congressman yesterday, and not just any congressman, […]