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NUTCRACKERS! Wonkagenda For Fri., Dec. 22, 2017

Congress averts a shutdown (for now), Miss America is full of assholes, and a special delivery for Papa John.

Google Playing For The GOP. Wonkagenda For Fri., Oct. 27, 2017

Google has MORE splaining to do, Republicans try to pee all over THE DOSSIER, and Mark Halperin is SUPER gross. Your morning news brief!
Drilling rigs, mine tailings not shown

Meet Donald Trump’s Grifty Pick For Interior Dept., Montana Rep. ‘Commander’ Zinke!

Good news! Trump's Interior Department choice only wants to exploit federal lands, not turn them over to gun-toting yahoos. Baby steps, right?

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The return of Benghazi Mom, a great wall of taco trucks, & the flabby arm of the law! Here's your daily news brief!

These New Hillary Ads Will Warm The Cockles Of Your Trump-Hatin’ Heart

Poor pitiful Donald Trump. He has no idea how far out of his league he is right now.

Pennsylvania Democrats Have Hot 3-Way In Race To Take On Pat Toomey (R-Yawn)

a href="http://wonkette.com/600294/maryland-has-two-awesome-democrats-running-for-senate-can-we-have-both"Welcome back to our newish feature, our weekly countdown of U.S. Senate races, yes, even the ones where there's no real contest. But not this week! Last time, we looked at Maryland's primary between two ridiculously well-qualified Democrats;...
We hear some Republicans are running, too

Maryland Has Two Awesome Democrats Running For Senate. Can We Have Both?

This week, our Senate preview will be a little different from the usual format: We're off to Maryland, where the two parties' candidates haven't yet been chosen. Barbara Mikulski, who served in the Senate for five terms, announced last...

The First Rule Of Hillary And Bernie Fight Club Is MOMMY AND DADDY, STOP FIGHTING!

Thursday night's Democratic debate was fun! As usual, it featured grown-ups saying brain thoughts to each other, as opposed to the poo-flinging zoo creatures on the crowded GOP debate stage. But this time the grown-ups' faces got all red...

Republicans Threatening To Care About Veterans, Thanks Donald Trump!

Everyone knows Republicans love the troops the best. That's why they're always sending our troops off to war and sticking yellow ribbon magnets of support on their SUVs and screaming THANKS OBAMA every time we hear a story about...
Oh for sure man

Hillary Clinton Super PAC Makes Early Bid For Worst Campaign Song Of 2016

Here is your terrible, face-melting Hillary Clinton Super PAC ad/generic CMT music video. And here is a list of actual theories about its provenance that we have been tossing around in the chat cave because the Washington Post’s story...
No, honey, the rats are just playing a little rough.

Oh Hey GOP, Whatcha Doin’? Breakin’ Some Laws?

You guys are not going to believe this, but CNN broke a story, and it's got everything -- political malfeasance, coded tweets, Karl Rove! It's a story that once again reinforces how crappy Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's reasoning in...

The Colbert Curriculum: Stephen Colbert’s Viewers Know More Stuff About Things (Video)

Stephen Colbert took a victory lap Wednesday in response to a recent study showing that viewers of The Colbert Report were better informed about campaign finance laws -- especially the Citizens United decision -- than people who got their...

Trusty Surrogate John McCain Talks About All That ‘Foreign Money’ Funding Romney Campaign

His lordship St. John McCain is all over the place this week, yelling about popcorn and pigs, on Twitter, demanding leak investigations, whining about how Obama never called him, and, well, how about a little rant about campaign finance...

Superrich Donors Simply Don’t Understand Why People Are Mean To Them

Everyone, stand at attention right now, for the billionaires have another complaint: Why are we so mean to them when they donate millions of dollars to political causes that we may despise? It is a primitive, mob mentality, practiced...

Karl Rove Has $200 Million To Screw Around With

Oh man, Karl Rove. Here we all were in 2008 thinking that he'd finally leave the highest ranks of presidential politics and probably go to jail or pick his nose under the railroad tracks all day or something. Instead,...

Super PAC Turns Some Dude Who Didn’t Campaign Into Winner, For Laughs

The Democratic primary result in Ohio's 2nd District this week presents us with another fine case study in how the federal campaign finance code, post-Citizens United, is now just a scribbled one-line note reading "just do whatver who cares...