super pacs

Stephen Colbert took a victory lap Wednesday in response to a recent study showing that viewers of The Colbert Report were better informed about campaign finance laws — especially the Citizens United decision — than people who got their news elsewhere. “That’s right. I did a better job informing the public about campaign finance reform […]

His lordship St. John McCain is all over the place this week, yelling about popcorn and pigs, on Twitter, demanding leak investigations, whining about how Obama never called him, and, well, how about a little rant about campaign finance now to top off the week? What does McCain, a top Mitt Romney surrogate, think about […]

Everyone, stand at attention right now, for the billionaires have another complaint: Why are we so mean to them when they donate millions of dollars to political causes that we may despise? It is a primitive, mob mentality, practiced by primitives. Why must outspoken donors — because, remember, money is speech! — even be known […]

Oh man, Karl Rove. Here we all were in 2008 thinking that he’d finally leave the highest ranks of presidential politics and probably go to jail or pick his nose under the railroad tracks all day or something. Instead, here we are with the 2012 presidential election and Rove is running the Republican side yet […]

The Democratic primary result in Ohio’s 2nd District this week presents us with another fine case study in how the federal campaign finance code, post-Citizens United, is now just a scribbled one-line note reading “just do whatver who cares haw haw.” The winner was William R. Smith, who narrowly defeated a candidate, David Krikorian, who’d […]

The Massachusetts Senate race between Democrat and Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Scott Brown kind of did the opposite of heat up Monday, with both the candidate and incumbent saying very lovely, faux-humble things about how they hope to compete on the basis of their own ideas (money) rather than the ideas (money) […]

Stephen Colbert’s super PAC released an attack ad in South Carolina this weekend that makes the brilliant connection between Romney’s “corporations are people” comment and the number of jobs he killed while working at Bain Capital. Duh, that would make him A SERIAL KILLER by his own admission, if he ever admitted to anything. The […]

Stephen Colbert announced on Thursday night’s show that yessireebob, he is running for president! Again! That is to say, to bow to tradition, he’s exploring running for president, and spent basically the entire show minus the interview segment learning from his lawyer (and former Federal Election Commission chairman) Trevor Potter about the very uncomplicated exploratory […]