Hey, Fox News! You know what class warfare is? Class warfare is not someone pointing out that CEO pay has increased enormously while middle-class wages have stagnated or fallen in real terms. Class warfare is maybe something a little more like this: Workers at a French tyre factory threatened with closure have taken two company […]

OK, so here’s a video that you really DO want to see — and we PROMISE there’s no Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or even My Little Ponies hidden in there — just a short clip from a TED talk by researcher Frans de Waal. And it’s not even one of those awful earnest social-media-will-save-the […]

Today in Who Wants To Be The Biggest Dick? news (sorry, Donald Trump, we know you do but you can’t win every day), some contestant with dial-up and a direct ticket to hell offers this submission. It’s a Tumblr page called BART Bratz — get it? sooo funny! — to make fun of those lousy […]

Walmart workers are threatening to strike on Black Friday and we at Wonkette couldn’t be happier because we are elitist liberals who do not shop at Walmart. But do not worry, Real Americans, you will not lose your Twinkies AND your big box retailer all in one week, because Walmart is NOT GOING TO TAKE […]