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David Gregory Famous For One Thing: Dancing

So who is this mysterious “David Gregory” who will replace Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews for MSNBC’s election coverage, ushering a nation of despairing libtards through the Debate Nightmares before dropping them off at the Tunnel of Doom on election day? A “seasoned political journalist” and known tall person, Gregory made his reportorial bones the old fashioned way: by dancing, repeatedly and embarrassingly, on television. A beautiful retrospective after the jump. Read more on David Gregory Famous For One Thing: Dancing…
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Whatever Happened To David Gregory?

Hey, has anybody seen David Gregory’s show on the MSNBC, called, uh, That Thing Between Episodes of ‘Hardball’? Yeah, us neither. Apparently it features bottled heads in a spaceship, with David Gregory being very self-important in front of them. Unsurprisingly, people do not watch this show, and the gentleman who made his bones being a comically aggressive dick to George Bush in press conferences now finds his star on the wane. Read more on Whatever Happened To David Gregory?…