Saw this ad today on the Steve Kornacki teevee programme, and it reminded us of last summer’s kerfuffle over that Cheerios ad with another multiracial family. This one for Swiffer features Zack and Ari Rukavina, their adorable kids, and a big box o’ cleaning products. And just to make it what AdWeek calls the “most […]

Despite Arista Nashville’s commendable efforts to remove any trace of that straight from the necronomicon Brad Paisley/LL Cool J song, the soundtrack for post-racialism failure remains as a permanent stain on our collective memory. Our corporate musical overlords might have done their best to remove the acute threat that the song posed to our ears, but […]

It’s hard out there these days for America’s once proud population of deranged racists. They made the mistake of getting their hopes up that the nice Mormon fellow might finally boot the “boy” out of the White House, only to be miserably crushed by the combined forces of New Black Panther Party and Nate Silver […]

When former (Republican) senator Lamar Alexander quoted Alex Haley, the author of Roots, at the Inauguration yesterday, Breitbart-remnant writer John Nolte knew exactly what was called for! You see, Alexander was a close friend of Haley (despite being a Republican — weird, right?), and invoked the late writer while introducing Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: […]

Tinley Park IL – Tinley Park is a small community that has a way of making anyone who visits feel right at home. It’s a place that allows people to know one another, shake hands with an old friend while walking down the main road and gather nightly at local restaurants sporting a ‘come one, […]

RON PAUL  11:29 am December 21, 2007

Ron Paul Poses with Neo Nazi BFFs

by Jim Newell