steve doocey

Dilemma: Fox and Friends would like science-type people like Michael Moyer, editor of Scientific American, to appear to talk about future science trends, but they do not believe climate change is a future trend. Solution: let Moyer come on, but ban him from talking about climate change, because he should really talk about jetpacks or […]

On Thursday’s Kilmeade and Friends radio program (a thing which apparently exists), former Fox & Friends cohost Gretchen Carlson talked about pants and how the dress code on Fox’s morning show was apparently dictated by that place in France: BRIAN KILMEADE: Guess who just walked in? If you’re watching — if you have the podcast. […]

There are so many scary things in the world. There are potato bugs, and snails, and getting caught up in a Chris Christie bum fight on the Jersey Shore. But do you wanna hear something really scary? Sixty percent of Americans think rich people job creators don’t pay enough taxes. This is what keeps Brian […]

Not even sure what is going on here. Doocey is missing. Has he run off to join the circus? Gretchen is gone. Is she at Betty Ford? And we are left with only rapey-faced Brian Kilmeade Some Other Guy to spout the proper talking points about millionaires Going Galt and leaving the US over waaah […]

Just in time for International Men’s Day (and its 363 brothers), MediaMatters brings us this jolly bit of hilarity from FOX and Friends, regarding pants. In this gutbusting segment, poor confused Steve Doocey celebrated International Women’s Day by wandering the streets of New York being abused. He was surely prepared for the humorless feminazi, but […]