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On Fox News recently, John McCain told Howard Kurtz that Jon Stewart was unfair to Republicans, but that it didn’t matter because Stewart is merely one of those lying late-night comedians: “When he says things that are absolutely wrong he gets away with it … It is what it is. I frankly have no beef […]

We’re raring to go over at Happy Nice Time People this morning, mostly because we are JACKED UP on coffee and the such. Examine our links and find what intrigues ye, then click through and go to our rainbow land of magic and wonder! We yelled at nice women who just want to brag about […]

Stephen Colbert got a little manic Tuesday night, bringing us the terrifying news about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS): they aren’t just taking over Iraq; they’re also dominating social media, building support on Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram. Oh, they’re huge on Instagram. They’ve got one filter to make all the photos seem […]

Hope you had a great work week and are heading to Happytown for the weekend! Hooray! Enjoy our tales of OJ Simpson, DJ Tanner, Carmen Electra, some motorcycle dude, Stephen Colbert, Ron Paul, and more! It’s a big ol’ party in today’s Happy Links. The OJ Simpson copter chase pilots love each other now, and […]

On Thursday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert welcomed the reunion tour of his favorite band, even though they’re all just playing the base. John McCain is absolutely right, Stephen says: in 2009, America had the war won, “when we left Iraq a peaceful, smoldering democracy.” And even the leader of the Iraq Pack, Old Dead Eyes, […]

Stephen Colbert is very happy that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) has finally renounced his Canadian citizenship, but has serious doots aboot whether Cruz has actually managed to truly shed all the vestiges of his Canadianness. And so he generously offers to complete the Senator’s de-programming, to help him finally be a true American and stop […]

We observed that Mariah Carey has some sweet boobs, for real. We advised a gal on her career change at the ripe old age of 30. We sighed over the glory of the Capital Pride Parade. We laughed over the best Army anti-boner video ever. We totally did it with LL Cool J. We bowed […]

Well, humanity, it was a nice ride, but it’s over. Stephen Colbert brings us news of the end — a computer program has finally beaten the Turing test — maybe — fooling a third of human questioners into thinking it was a 13-year-old boy. “Which makes sense if you think about it. Like a teenage […]

Stephen Colbert took a victory lap Wednesday in response to a recent study showing that viewers of The Colbert Report were better informed about campaign finance laws — especially the Citizens United decision — than people who got their news elsewhere. “That’s right. I did a better job informing the public about campaign finance reform […]

Here are some Happy Nice Time People links for you, poodle-boo! Sara Benincasa (that’s me) is your new Editor-in-Chief. Follow her on Twitter for fun. Spinach and lobster and truffle oil pierogi, oh my! Peter Griffin did a Western. Daddy drank. Chicks don’t diddle themselves enough, says science. Wayne Gretzky is a great Sportsballosopher. Huh-huh. […]

A strangely be-bearded Stephen Colbert introduced us to a great American hero in this ‘Difference Makers” segment on Monday’s Colbert Report: meet Doug Varrieur of Big Pine Key, Florida, a gentleman who loves his Second Amendment rights so much that he exercises them all the time, shooting at a 12-square-foot target. In his yard. Right […]

We’ve got a cornucopia of Happy links for you today. Mia Wasikowska is our new indie film darling, and she should be yours too! We imagined a day in the life of Pat Sajak. It wasn’t pretty. A Catholic school principal committed the unforgivable sin of putting Ellen DeGeneres — A KNOWN HOMOSEXXICAN — on […]

Stephen Colbert took his sweet time getting to last Thursday’s weird gubernatorial debate in Idaho, where the appearance of two brilliantly weird minor candidates was engineered by the incumbent “Governor and Wind in the Willows character Butch Otter.” Like the rest of America, Colbert was charmed by biker and former Seabee Harley Brown, whose opening […]

Why don’t you kick back, relax, dim the lights, and get comfy with some Happy links? Iran will make sure that no one ever has to see people dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy,” because dancing leads to fornication? Maybe? We’re unclear. Stephen Colbert has all the dirt on how to beat Hillary. This cat is a […]

Here’s Stephen Colbert with a few suggestions for how the GOP can defeat Hillary Clinton, just in case the whole “brain damage” thing doesn’t work out. Gotta get tough — after all, this isn’t the ’90s, when the Clintons got a free pass from the Republicans. For instance, maybe they could take a page the […]