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Barack Obama Tells Donald Trump To Stop Being Such A Pussy About The Election

President Obama is pretty sure Donald Trump doesn't have what it takes to live in the White House.
Also, they're not so crazy about his followers

Sniffle-Britches Donald Trump Obviously Dying Of Something, But What Could It Be?

Common snifflers like Donald Trump are definitely not fit to be president.

Who Wouldn’t Want To Share A Blanket Fort With Michelle Obama And Stephen Colbert?

Everything about Michelle Obama's appearance on Colbert was AMAZING.
Also, there are some kickass coupons for Sofas & Quills

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Prepare To Be Amused! It’s Your White House Correspondents’ Dinner Open Thread!

It's time for that annual ritual where Official Washington attempts to be funny (and sometimes they make it work!), the White House Correspondents' Dinner, AKA the Nerd Prom, AKA "Comedy Hit Or Miss Night." You might remember that one...
This would explain a lot about Herman Cain's campaign

Your Saturday Nerdout: 1969 Anti-LSD Film Features Screaming Hot Dog Freakout

It's your Saturday, so it's time for your Saturday Nerdout. We've got a trippy anti-drug film with a terrifying troll-faced hot dog, the ugly dystopian reality behind Pokémon, a look at how NASA and NPR helped an old engineer...
I say, I say, why'd you do Benghazi?

Hillary Can Understand Slow Georgia Hick’s Benghazi Questions Just Fine, Thanks

What's so fun about the fifty-eleventieth Benghazi!!!11! hearing is that EVERYBODY gets a turn telling Hillary Clinton how she and Sidney Blumenthal personally murdered four Americans in Benghazi, even the real slow, stupid Republicans from Georgia, like Rep. Lynn...
Party on

Jeb Bush Explains How ‘Fun’ Works

Tuesday night was the debut of the new "David Letterman Show, Starring Stephen Colbert!" and for a night of such fanfare, you've got to call Jeb! Bush, because he's the only candidate with an exclamation point after his name....
Thumbs up for education!

Nice Time: Stephen Colbert Saves South Carolina Schools From Jerks Who Run South Carolina

Is our South Carolina children learning? Stephen Colbert, South Carolina native, decided to do his part to make sure that "YES THEY IS," by announcing that he, along with some of his buddy-pals from this big money foundation, would be chipping...
You're looking at a guy who knows cool

Fox News Thinker Greg Gutfeld: Stephen Colbert Would Be Nothing Without Us (And Our F**kups)

Following Stephen Colbert's big finale on the Colbert Report, the thought leaderers of Fox's The Five shared their thoughts on Colbert's sendoff. Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle thought it would have been a nice touch if Bill O'Reilly had...

The Colbert Report Is No More. Long Live Stephen Colbert’s Best Moment Ever

As you probably noticed, The Colbert Report ran its final episode last night. It was a big sendoff for a beloved entertainment icon. But remember when he got just a little too real with George W. Bush at the...
Oh my!

George Takei Was On The Colbert Report. Shut Up And Watch It (Video)

Stephen Colbert is one hella big fan of the old Star Wars television series -- or as aficionados call themselves, a "Starry." And so here he is, getting his nerd on with a suggestion to reform our midterm elections...
Wouldn't THAT be an interview?

Here’s What Stephen Colbert Would Tell Studs Terkel If He Could

From Slate, a pretty cool new feature that we're going to try to keep up with: They've taken the simple idea of Studs Terkel's outstanding oral history book Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How...
Eyebrow of Doom!

Stephen Colbert So Sad Now That Fox & Friends Got The Ebola (Video)

TV Funnyman Stephen Colbert is understandably concerned about the emergence of Ebola in America, and by "concerned," we mean thoroughly terrified that the virus has made it from "Whocaresistan" to our golden shores. Just don't touch the fluids...
Parody is the sincerest form of flattery. Or mockery. Or both.

Stephen Colbert Isn’t Afraid Of No Bleepin’ Bill O’Reilly (Video)

Poor Bill O'Reilly is just not getting any respect for his super-cool, super smart idea to fight ISIS with an international mercenary army. Last week, Colbert had the temerity to suggest that O'Reilly's brilliant idea sounded like something that...