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Who Should Be In America, This Badass Young #DREAMer Immigrant Woman, Or Rick Santorum?

IDEA: How about we #DeportRickSantorum?

Hillary Clinton’s Tech Plan Will Make All Your Kids Nerds

We told Dom to ding Hillary's plan where necessary. He gave it a blowjob instead. INTERNS!
Idea hat.

Louie Gohmert Knows Dr. King Did Not Die So Scientists Could Have A Bunch Of Vaginas

Know what's super? How the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed TWO bills on Tuesday, both of which were very Nice-Nice and all 'bout gettin' some girls all up in science's grill. That's a good thing, yeah? Because everybody knows far...

Boys Way More Smarter Than Girls, According To Boys

Pfffft boys, amirite? They think they and all their brofriends are SO the smartest ever. Like these boys in biology class at the University of Washington, who were asked "Who is the smartest kid in class?" and the boys...

Girl Scouts Show Obama Science Projects He Did Not Build

Hide the kids, President Obama is trying to make them care about science again, what a jerk. And worse, he wants to spend YOUR MONEY to do it: As part of the Fair, President Obama will announce over $240 million...

Obama Will Indoctrinate Your Kids With Non-Biblical Computer Programming

What terrible things is President Obama doing to the children -- what are our future -- this week? Encouraging them to learn how to do science-y things with computers, which we can all agree is terrible because if God...

SOTU Proves Obama Thinks Americans Are Simple (In The Bad Way)

Official science has finally proven that Kenyan interloper Barack Obama has an incredibly low opinion of the average State of the Union-viewing American. An outfit which has adopted the patently fictional idea of "Smart Politics" as its name fed...