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Tag: stay at home moms

lol "travel agents"

Sarah Palin So Mad At Barack Obama Murdering All The Stay-At-Home Moms

Sarah Palin treated the world to another of her trademarked stream-of-stupidity FacePlace posts this weekend, pretending that when Barack Obama said women shouldn't have to choose between a career and staying home with children because they can't find affordable...

VIDEO! Mitt Romney Enlists In The War On Stay-At-Home-Moms (If They Are Poor And On Welfare)

Well this is unfortunate. After the Great Mommy War (Redux) of Two-Thousand-And-Twelve, which pitted the Sanctity of Motherhood and America against one lesbo (and Barack Obama), and which was second only to the Great Wonkette Commenter Riots for the...

Nice Ann Romney Dragged Before Obamacare Death Panel, On Twitter

Man, you leave Twitter for an hour, and when you come back an entire 5-season telenovela has already played out. Now? Someone has taken that nice Ann Romney and shoved her before an Obamacare Death Panel! (If you are...