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Tag: state senator

Idaho’s Goofiest Lawmaker, Super Christian Sheryl Nuxoll, Loses Republican Primary. Bye!

Idaho's most consistently wackaloon lawmaker lost her primary election Tuesday. With any luck, more nutty extremists will come along to take her place.
Why, yes, changes in concealed carry policies mean I want to ban all guns.

Virginia Republican Bets Gov. Might Appreciate Guns More If We Let Someone Shoot Him

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has incurred some serious gun-humper butthurt with a new policy on concealed carry permits. To punish the governor, a state senator has taken an idea from the internet (and a "joke" by Tucker Carlson) and...
You see what happens when you feed a stoner scrambled eggs?!

Butt Ass Nekkid Michigan State Senator Shoots Up Ex-Wife’s Car, May Have Issues

A confrontation between a naked Michigan state senator and his ex-wife in the wee hours of Sunday morning made for competing narratives and movie references this weekend. Did Virgil Smith attack his former spouse after an argument when she...

All California Democrats Pretty Much In The Chinese Mob, We Guess

Well, here is a fine howdeyedo: the FBI is just cold arresting California state Senators for "corruption" and apparently "being in the Chinese mob" and also something about Freemasons. Democrat Leland Yee, who serves the gentle hippies of NoCal,...

Parents Forced To Collect Drunk Ohio GOP State Senator Son From Party

AND ON THE "LIGHTER SIDE!" As we mentioned last week, Ohio State Senator Jarrod Martin was charged with drunk driving and child endangerment, just another "normal week" for Ohio's legislative body, at this point. But also fun! Martin is...

South Carolina State Senator Posts Dumb Anti-Obama Tee Shirt Pic On His Blog

Oh Lordy be. Whenever there's a slow news cycle, we need only look to our friends in South Carolina for a little pick-me-up. Here's a bit of hilarity from State Senator Kevin Bryant, who put up this post a...