stand your ground

The National Rifle Association, as we all know, is a benevolent group that just wants to make sure that every American gets the chance to marry the gun or guns of their choice. So it’s not too surprising to learn that the NRA literally wrote the text for a new bill that would expand Florida’s […]

Curtis Reeves, a Responsible Gun Owner in Wesley Chapel, Florida, was ready to defend himself when he went to a matinee showing of “Lone Survivor” Monday — ignoring the Grove 16 Theaters’ ban on carrying weapons in the auditorium, no doubt because he knew, as do all Responsible Gun Owners, that mass killers target Gun-Free […]

Now, look, Ted Cruz, just because the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) wrote model “stand your ground” legislation that got adopted by a whole bunch of states , that doesn’t mean they want you going around reminding people of that, OK? On Thursday, Sen. Cruz (R-Poutine) gave a speech at the group’s winter meeting, and […]

Greetings from Wonkette’s brand new Bunker O’ Love, the underground safe room on our Idaho compound where we go to write about guns, gun accessories, and how they have made America great. Today, we have several tales of Great Americans using their guns for personal protection while keeping them in reserve to rise up against […]

We couldn’t think of a way to make a joke about yesterday’s spectacle of Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans lecturing Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, about how “Stand Your Ground” laws have actually been good for black people. So instead, here’s something far easier to laugh at: “Stand Your Ground,” an inspirational painting by […]

Here’s one to file under “Justice Delayed, but not nearly as long as we’d have guessed”: Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after firing a warning shot into a wall to scare aware her (allegedly) abusive husband, will get a new trial. Alexander’s sentence got national attention because […]

Hey Florida! How’s it hanging? Kinda loose, and to the right of unfathomable idiot-crazy just like always maybe? Taking a cue from both Stand Your Ground and the Bush Doctrine (yes, the Bush Doctrine, just wait) Florida man William T. Woodward did the only thing he could to defend himself from imminent danger, he “snuck […]

In an interview with ABC News, George Zimmerman’s wife Shellie acknowledged that she had left her husband the night before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Oh, and she left because they had an argument, and was staying at her father’s house the night of the shooting. But when reporter Christi O’Connor asked for details, […]

You know how men are the real victims of domestic violence and rape and sexism and discrimination and everything else? Hey, stop laughing, it’s true! It says so on some websites created by men for men. It is a FACT that since creation, women have ruled everything and forced the weaker sex — men, obviously […]

Pretty much everybody reacted with horror and disgust when that one juror in the Zimmerman trial went on a media blitz, said all sorts of awful things, and was shamed into silence, all within three days of the verdict. We all thought, “Oh, wow, with people like her on juries, we are SO SCREWED!” Remember? […]

You are riding down a lonely road, somewhere in the rural South, let us call it “Tennessee.” You decide, because you have never seen a horror movie, that you will take the “scenic route,” and while you are at it, why not go into the basement alone? We’re sure your wife and kids will be […]

Senator John McCain is doing that thing again, bouncing between that “senior statesman” image that he’s fond of, and sliding back into the petty, crotchety grumpbag persona that he seems to relish almost as much, maybe more. Sunday, he was back to Voice of Reason mode again, telling CNN that he thinks “stand your ground” […]

Greetings faithful Wonkettes! What a perfect crapstorm of a week in guns, what with people shooting unarmed people and then other people screaming that they were justified and courts agreeing and then the rest of us bleeding from our ear holes, because of all the screaming. But under all the screaming there were a couple […]

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of second degree murder in the February 26, 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. There’s eventually going to be plenty of idiotic stuff that will be said about this by the usual people — Tucker Carlson’s Internet Dry Heave ‘n’ Dogwhistle Repository is undoubtedly writing most of Wonkette’s content […]

Apparently basing their strategy on the old line about how God created man and Samuel Colt made them equal, George Zimmerman’s lawyers are arguing that Trayvon Martin was some kind of black superman who had to be shot because Zimmerman was a blobby tub of goo who couldn’t take the teen in a fair fight. […]