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Oh, just go fuck yourself.

Julian Assange Is Pretty Sure Hillary Killed A DNC Staffer Because The Internet Said So

Julian Assange just threw another body on the Clinton murder mystery machine.

No Unemployment Moolah For Minnesota GOP Staffer Canned For Laying Senator

ST. PAUL, Minn. Michael Brodkorb is an unemployed worker who is carrying a heavy burden like so many others during these challenging economic times. After losing his job, he filed for unemployment. Every day he waited at the...

VIDEO SHOCKER: Republican Rep. Mark Souder Made ‘Web Video’ (Against Sex) With His Mistress-Staffer

Tracy Jackson, you have made very poor choices in life. You are pretty and reasonably young. And yet you *allegedly* let this gross old Jesus Freak Republican Family Values Congressman climb all over you and hump on you. Also,...

BREAKING: House Republican Mark Souder Resigning TODAY, Over an Affair … With a WOMAN!

Indiana Republican and eight-term congressman Mark Souder is resigning immediately because he had sexytime with a woman who was not married-in-Christ to him. Souder just defeated a teabagger in the GOP primary, but with less than 50% of the...