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Florida Man Now Doing Bath Salts While Writing Journamalism

Florida: It's not the heat, it's the turgidity.
This fuckin' guy.

Breitbart Very Very Very Sorry About Its Journalism, For Sure

Mistakes -- we all make 'em! Admitting when you're wrong helps build credibility with your audience, and it is also too the Right Thing To Do. But that's not how they roll at Corpse Andrew Breitbart's Cyberdome For Teddy Roosevelt...

Allen West Insists It’s Not Over, While Singing Fat Lady Tramples All Over Him (With Votes)

At long last, we just might maybe have a possibly-final result for the race for Florida's 18th U.S. Congressional District. We think. As you may be aware, Florida does not have the most competent election system in the Union,...