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Donald Trump Set To Unveil Exciting Poor-Fucking Budget, For Poor-Fucking!

Please sir, may we have some more?
hands off my benefits

States Find Cash Cow: It Is Impoverished Kids in Foster Care, Hooray!

If you are a child in foster care, things are probably not going your way. You're not living with your parents, and a state agency is in charge of you. You're probably very poor, and maybe you are disabled....

What Can We Learn From This Horrible Story About Mentally Disabled People In Dungeons?

Gawker brings us the second-most horrifying story of the morning -- the other one is also from Gawker, about "Cannibal Cop," so yeah -- about mentally disabled people, with average mental ages of 10, being kept in a Philadelphia...

Millions of Jobless Americans Filing For Disability To Get Food, Medicine

Social Security is in "trouble" because wealthy people aren't required by the government to actually pay their share into the national program, and also because Congress has been "borrowing" billions of dollars that working people have paid into the...