Ugh, a Bachmann story that we’d like to ignore if it was just another stupid gaffey line about nothing, but this really seals it: she needs to be in a mental institution, which we mean 100% seriously and with the utmost concern for her mental health, or she needs to be sued for abuse of […]

We’ve seen this ruse before, Bachmann. You think no one would suspect it, then you get caught, and now you’re all, “Oh, I’m done being Swiss.” She only loves “America” now. We’re not buying it, SPY. This continues to all be the Left’s fault. Here’s her letter, which essentially says, “I FUCKING LOVE THE UNITED […]

Oh dear, Sen. Chuck Grassley snuck out the window again after lights-out, and now he’s leading inquiries into the Secret Service sex scandal. Whatcha got so far, inspector? “Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) said the Colombia prostitutes at the center of the Secret Service scandal may have been spies planted by the Russian government.” And if […]

Who’s the man who offered to help get Khadafi out of Libya for a cool $10 mill? Neil Livingstone! Who’s the cat on a yacht full of pussy-for-hire? Neil Livingstone! Who fled from Argentine Nazis, ate borscht with Russian mafia, and was “wrongly subpoenaed for gun running and involvement in the Iran-Contra affair”? Neil Livingstone. […]

One reason Americans were denied the cleansing vision of the last U.S. diplomats fleeing Baghdad by helicopter is because, haha, we sort of left the diplomats there — all 16,000 State Department personnel and military contractors and poorly disguised CIA torture spies and oil company representatives. But now, with “hard times” or whatever the current […]

At this point, we have started to really wonder if Michele Bachmann is just a demented lunatic who flunked 6th grade American History, or if she is actually living in some sort of alternate universe/time continuum. If it is the latter, then maybe everyone else is wrong for not yelling, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELVIS!” and “DEATH […]

The American assassin held in Pakistan for shooting two people dead on the street was not just a random guy who wandered off his AARP tour bus, but in fact is a soldier of fortune employed by the CIA to murder people in foreign countries. Working for one of the thousands of covert assassination teams […]

Espionage heroine Christine O’Donnell took a break from dabbling in witchcraft and eating meatballs and not masturbating to get some super secret classified data from China! And what has she learned from analyzing these documents from Beijing? The Heathen Chinaman is about to invade America!! It’s a terrible burden, to know what’s going to happen […]

“The business of America is business” said Calvin Coolidge, America’s greatest president; the obvious implication is that the business of America’s enemies, the Foreigns, is using their eight weeks of vacation to sit around in romantic cafes, smoking and discussing their latest extramarital affairs with rueful detachment. That’s why it’s particularly disheartening to learn that […]

Tom Friedman went on vacation — surely you were rudderless in his absence! — and while he was sunnin’ and funnin’ the whole thing with the Russian spies broke. Since his return from vacay, Friedman has reflected on the issue (he is reflective!) and decided that it’s “actually a good news/bad news story” for America: […]

Everyone who misses the Cold War, with its moral simplicity and its ever-present threat of complete nuclear annihilation, is over the moon this morning as America and the Russians kicked it old school and swapped spies! America gave up ten sexy suburban Russian spies for a bunch of Russians who had actually spied for America. […]

We’ve heard on a Numbers Station (the Internet) that Washington and Moscow are about to trade spies back and forth, proving again to the world that post-Cold War secret agent work is a joke. (The real spying is done over the Internet, using “hackers” and “the band Phish” and other deeply unseemly technologies.) The question […]

Barack Obama has written a letter, to the Congress, listing four very serious Republican things from last week’s summit that he’d be willing to compromise on to make things super bipartisan. It is fairly obvious that Republicans will accept these provisions and vote for the bill enthusiastically. Congress will pass it into law tomorrow morning-ish, […]

No. No. No. Stop it. No. None of that. Stop. The CIA should not use the occasion of a “Twitter Revolution” to secretly attempt regime change in Iran. That’s just nuts. No. Please just stop this. C’mon. The rest of the article explains how this would be an idiotic and terrible idea, so why even? […]

Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, a known weasel who bravely condoned (and lied about) whatever torture the Bush Administration wanted, has abruptly quit and is reportedly trying to make an international flight out of Dulles before too many passengers at the gate notice the sweaty twerp with the duffelbag full of loose bills looks […]