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Texas has one humdinger of a Voter ID law, because they don’t want any more of the voter fraud going on. You know, the kind that doesn’t actually exist, but that everyone knows is rampant. One of the biggest supporters of the law is state Attorney General Greg Abbott, who’s also running for governor. He’s […]

As it turns out, the plot to overthrow John Boehner and replace him with someone who didn’t actually know they were up for Speaker of the House was larger than previously thought.┬áThe short version is that there were a lot more crazy GOP Representatives plotting to get rid of Boehner than just the ones who […]

We’ve secretly replaced the video of golden succubus Laura Ingraham, passing on some gossip, with the Circle Jerks classic Coup D’Etat. (Don’t worry you are not missing anything. We will tell you what she said.)

It seems clear that sad sot Speaker of the House John “Whiskeydick” Boehner has not had a firm grip on his “caucus” in the two years since Sarah Palin screeching about death panels sent a pack of wild tarded dogs to Congress. No matter how hard Boehner has tried to tack “crazy,” his barely leashed […]

Some stupid bunch of idiots has a super smart and great idea. See, they are mad at John Boehner because he kicked a few of their idiot poobahs off a bunch of important committees, mostly because they kept answering roll call votes with “Hey John Boehner, I fucked your mom last night.” But the wingnuts […]

Barack Obama and John Boehner can’t seem to make their relationship “work,” physically or otherwise, probably because John Boehner is a Sagittarius and Barack Obama is a Communist — two zodiac signs that are just not compatible, according to “the Politico,” a publishing house for mediation-related guidebooks such as Loving Others, Loving Yourself and You […]

Woman politician “Madam Speaker” Nancy Pelosi is doing woman things again! Like, spending too much money, dagnabbit. She’s spending $18,736 per month on a fancy suite of offices in San Francisco — liberal San Francisco, of all places — and that’s (according to Roll Call) nearly twice as much as the next-most-expensive district office rent, […]

It’s official: Nancy Pelosi has not one but TWO opponents in a “hotly” contested race for her Congressional district. In addition to Dana Walsh, the last specimen of a doomed and rare species called the “Bay Area Republican” which is hunted for sport on the banks of San Francisco’s mandatory nude heroin-needle beaches, this woman […]

Remember how much fun the primaries were, with the math and numbers and the whole “If Hillary gets enough superdelegates then two plus two will equal five, within the confines of Michigan and Florida before May 31 divided by two”? Dust off your abacus because now your favorite News Analysts will be giving themselves mental […]

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