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Jeff Sessions Wants to Jail Mean Journos. Wonkagenda for Thurs., Oct. 19, 2017

Jeff Sessions tries not to perjure himself (again), Trump rips off an ACA band-aid (again), and Trey Gowdy is being ignored like a common Democrat. Your morning news brief!

This Tale Of A Snail Finding Another Snail To Fuck Then Promptly Dying Will Warm Your Black Heart

We are not writing one more political post today and you can't make us.

Congress THINKS About Guns, Maybe. Wonkagenda for Thurs., Oct. 5, 2017

Congress considers banning "bump stocks," a majority don't trust Trump, and the "Cutest Pet" on Capitol Hill! Your morning news brief!

LAS VEGAS HORROR. Wonkagenda For Mon., Oct. 2, 2017

If we cover another story today, it'll probably be Puerto Rico. Otherwise, here are some things that *would* have been news today. Your morning news brief!

Everybody Loves The Confederacy Now. Wonkagenda For Fri., Aug 18, 2017

Military talks at Camp David, more Confederate statues fall, and neo-Nazis get banhammerd from the Internet. Your morning news brief!

New Orleans Mayor Dick-Slaps Confederate Losers, With Awesome Words That You Will Like!

The last Confederate monument has come down, and Mayor Mitch Landrieu HAD SOME WORDS 'BOUT THAT.

History’s Greatest Love Affair: Donald Trump and Geraldo Rivera

Donald Trump and Geraldo Rivera have a complicated relationship. They theoretically have undying love for one another (but not in a gay way, because no homo bro) yet is that love really possible when they each adore themselves so...
Maybe this is happening because Jesus hates you.

Oh No, Josh Duggar’s Cheatin’ Penis Makes The Family Values Crowd Look Bad!

Oh no, Josh Duggar has strayed from his Christian marriage by getting on the internet to find strange hoo-ha to dip his Duggar Stick into, and the Family Research Council, AKA the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated "family values" hate group where...

Republicans Are Terrible At The Internet, PolitiFact Kills Irony, And Other News You Can Maybe Use

Good morning, sunshines! Want to know what you missed while you were sleeping? Too bad, we're going to tell you anyway. Republicans are terrible at the internet. TERRIBLE. And now they have a real hip new video game, circa 1981, to...

Guy Who Co-Wrote ‘How to Survive the Running of the Bulls’ Attacked By Al Gore

There are some moments when you almost feel like a Supreme Being or karma or something like that might be possible, like when you read this lede in the New York Post: An American who co-wrote a book called “How...

Wingnuts Hold Anti-Gay Jeebus Conference In Magical Eastern Mexican Land of ‘Spain’

Have any of our Wonkette readers ever been to a Foreign Country? Haha, oh my heck, no, of course not! All Godjesus-worshipping Americans know that all other countries are full of squalor and general brown-ness and should only be...

Michelle Obama Does Topless Magazine Cover For Filthy Europeans

Here is the great news for those of us who have longed for some FLOTUS in our lives these past few days: Michelle Obama is involved in another scandal again, and surprise surprise, it involves Spain and France and...

Around The World With Lloyd Dangle: Austerity’s A Bitch And Then You Die

(Pittsburgh) A few days ago I was in Rome, now I'm in Pittsburgh. My serotonin level is in freefall. No, Pittsburgh's nice, really! The frutti di mare is good here. It's the jet lag and the hemorrhoidal bonfire in...

Why Are These Dastardly Spaniards Turning These Poor Penguins Gay?

Madrid, Spain, is the location for all those disgusting Pedro Almodovar movies about nuns and transvestites and nun-transvestites, and pregnant nuns caring for junkie transvestites. So it it any wonder that in Godless Madrid, zookeepers are turning poor penguins...

Spain Takes Break From Economic Woes to Laugh at Rick Scott

Perennial top contender for America's most fervently incompetent governor Rick Scott is working hard for the title even on a trade mission to Spain: He managed to earn immediate ridicule from the country's 47 million residents within actual seconds...

2012: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy As the Human World Breaks Apart

The modern idea that human civilization would collapse in 2012 supposedly goes back to another overextended American empire on its last legs, that of the Maya. But like so much wrong thinking now popular in today's United States, this...