southern strategy

This week, a bit of a digression: We’ll continue our look at the Age of Reagan next week, but today, we’ll follow one of our textbooks off on an astonishing side track that seems mostly to exist because Bob Jones University is located in South Carolina. In its chapter on the Reagan years, our BJU Press text […]

There’s a conspiracy afoot, kid detectives! After the debate, the networks posted “transcripts” of the debate. “What’s a transcript?” your dumb friend might ask. Well, a transcript is when someone writes down everything people said and then you cite from it on the internet! Well, Fox News “transcribed” the debate last night, but there was […]

Perhaps you have heard about this one! Michael Steele gave another one of his speeches. In this speech, he confirmed what all you race-baiting liberal ‘tards have been wetting your pants about since forever: minorities such as Africkans have not had much of a reason to vote for the Republican party since Pat Buchanan wrote […]