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Here is today’s quiz about capitalism: if y0u are in the prison-running business and you want to make a profit, do you: a) staff the prison with as few people as possible (to save money on wages) b) provide prisoners with plastic bags instead of toilets (to save money on expenses associated with water, plumbing, […]

Well, here’s a change. We’ve written about Carl Hiaasen characters come to life in Washington, so how about a Kurt Vonnegut character in Idaho? Sadly, it is not Montana Wildhack or Kilgore Trout or even Eliot Rosewater. No, Idaho gets stuck with an accountant who wants us to think he’s Howard W. Campbell, the protagonist […]

What marvelous thing has the American Family Association done for Western civilization now? Oh, just succeeded in getting upwards of 20 elementary schools to drop out of “Mix It Up At Lunch Day,” an annual program that teams up kids who normally wouldn’t sit together at lunch, and makes them sit together at lunch. Does […]

A security guard at the building of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., was shot today. After the Dark Knight mass shooting in Colorado, the Sikh Temple mass shooting in Wisconsin, and yet another in Texas, it is time we as a nation took a step back and realized who the real victims are: […]

We at Wonkette have been pretty excited about Louisiana lately, what with revealing that they are one of the more awful states of the union in terms of infant mortality and life expectancy and whatnot, and also because they will teach about the Loch Ness monster in science class (so long as they don’t have […]

Two horrific mass shootings have rocked our world in the past few weeks. In Aurora, CO, an insane man walked into a theater and shot dozens of innocent people, leaving us with a hollow pit in our souls as we searched for an answer to the question of why an ABC news man was so […]

Aw, listen to how sweet these Michigan junior high kids are, you guys. They wanted to hold a fundraiser for Travyon Martin’s family: [T]he students wanted to help Martin’s family and asked the school’s administrators if they could pay $1 each to wear hoodies instead of school uniform for a day, the [Southern Poverty Law […]