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How Many Republicans Does It Take To Shut Down A Government? Wonkagenda For Thurs., Jan. 18, 2018

Steve Bannon is squealing, Donald Trump runs from the treadmill to the campaign trail, and the NYTimes surrenders its op-ed page to Trump supporters. Your morning news brief.

South Dakota Forcibly Jamming Catheters Up Children’s Pee-Pees, To Protect The Children

How does South Dakota protect kids? By holding them down and jamming a catheter in them, OF COURSE!

South Dakota Helpfully Informs Ladies: You Can Always Quit Your Job If You’re Preggers!

Rejoice, South Dakota businesses! The state legislature has freed you from the threat of womb-tyranny.

Your Senate Sunday: What’s The Deal With The Dakotas? Do We Really Need Two?

This week's profile of 2016's U.S. Senate races is chock full of Dakotas. Sorry, not the Fanning girl.

This Day In History: Hillary Clinton Concedes To Obama. Is That Subtle Enough?

In 2008, Hillary did the right thing and conceded to Obama. In 2016, the high-heel lady shoe is on the other foot.

Radical Liberal Judges Affirm Bizarre Transgender Pooping Rituals

Whoa, it's a new day in America, and you know why? A thing happened that is GOOD for transgender people, specifically involving their God-given right to drop the kids off at the pool in public places. For real! A...

Gov. Nikki Haley Not Entirely Sure Why Y’all Gotta Be Such Bigots

It is a day in America, which means it's time to tell you about some new bullshit anti-LGBT legislation. Republican state Senator Lee Bright of South Carolina has introduced a bill (S. 1203) to make sure none of those big scary...

North Carolina Republicans Pass Bill Telling Transgaysexuals To Eff Right Off

We have good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news. (Shut up, that's how we do.) The super craptastic bill for which the North Carolina legislature held a special session, at an additional cost to taxpayers of $42,000...

Georgia Republican Gov. Nathan Deal Thinks ‘Religious Liberty’ Laws Are Real Dumb, Y’all

Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia is a Republican. A super Republican. He thinks Syrian refugees are gross, because WWJD, and he wants to make sure that if any of those icky people get into Georgia, they won't be allowed to...
What? This .gif is totally relevant, NO YOU SHUT UP.

South Dakota Governor Doesn’t Want To Peek At Kids’ Junk In The Bathroom For Some Reason

In February we told you about a whole passel of lesbogaygender-hatin' bills being considered in the great state of South Dakota. And for once, we can report that there is GOOD NEWS about one of those bills, specifically HB...
Just gonna put this here one more time.

Michigan Lawmakers Tried To Solve Flint Water Crisis By Banning Buttsex

You might not think of Michigan as being in the running for finding the gays the ickiest, but it's right up there with somewhere like West Virginia or Oklahoma or Kentucky. Thinking about the gays just makes the Michigan state...
Probably how it happens.

South Dakota Would Like To Take A Stab At Gay-Bashing Now

In 2015, The Supreme Court forced all Americans to do gay to each other's butts within the bonds of holy homosexual matrimony, and the transgenders started invading all the Good Christian Potties and peeping on the ladies applying their...

Baby’s First Caucus! Baby’s First Drug Raid! Welcome To Iowa, America

We were still in South Dakota when the bullshit patrolman decided his canine had "alerted" on our RV -- his canine had done no such thing, and my husband hadn't actually "improperly changed lanes." He hadn't changed lanes at...
Any questions?

Gentleman Discharges Gun In Pants, Goes To Emergency Room Half-Cocked

A Second Amendment Hero in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, accidentally shot himself in the peen earlier this month, then lied to police about the negligent discharge, initially claiming that he had been injured in the aforementioned naughtybits by "a...
Borned stupid.

Pretty Sure Bobby Jindal Just Said Ted Cruz Gives Donald Trump Snail Blowjobs

Sea snail blowjobs to exact. LIMPET blowjobs. Yes, Bobby Jindal, a presidential candidate in only the loosest sense of the word, seems to be trying to get somebody, ANYBODY, to give him attention in advance of tonight's presidential debate,...