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Just because there’s almost no story that couldn’t stand to get a little uglier, McDonalds has gone and fired Debra Harrell, the woman who was arrested last week for letting her 9-year-old daughter go play in a park unattended during Harrell’s shift at McDonalds. (As you recall, a helpful citizen called the police after talking […]

It has been some time since we checked in on the antics of sexxxy dick pic sexxxter Todd Kincannon, longtime Wonkette favorite for his habit of outrageous attention whoring. Recently Todd went totally silent on the Twitter machine, his preferred method of communication with the outside world despite the fact that even tweeting usually can […]

We may be getting a little jaded. We’re starting to wonder if this sort of thing is even news anymore: Some Responsible Gun Owner left his personal Second Amendment Solution behind on top of a toilet-paper dispenser in a Walmart men’s room in York, South Carolina, where it was found by another shopper on Sunday. […]

Here is a feel-good summertime story from our occasionally sane pals at Reason: a woman — she’s no “lady”! — is in jail and her nine-year-old daughter is in The System, because the woman let her go by herself to the park, several days in a row. Did we mention this 9-year-old girl was BY […]

Yet another private business has decided it hates the 2nd Amendment and wants to be boycotted, just because some nervous-Nellie “moms” pressured the company to no longer allow open carry of firearms in their stores. Target Stores interim CEO John Mulligan announced today that while it will continue to comply with local laws, “starting today […]

We sure do like the occasional story where people Do the Right Thing and there’s actually a win for the little guy. And here’s one right now: You might remember our April story about Crystal Moore, the former police chief of the town of Latta, South Carolina. She was fired by the town’s doodyhead mayor, […]

Thanks to Snipy staying up late so we could post the results of the one election yesterday that everyone was following (Mississippi: the Old Guy won, the other asshole lost), we are left with tidying up the electoral crumbs from around our great nation. Of course, Chris McDaniel is still making grumpy whining noises about […]

This isn’t nice at all: Sally Atwater, the not especially articulate candidate for South Carolina schools superintendent, isn’t just unclear on what her positions are; turns out that the widow of the great Republican communications master Lee Atwater is also facing a lawsuit alleging that she verbally abused her special education students and shoved a […]

Sally Atwater, widow of the late Master of Electoral RatLovemaking Lee Atwater, is heading into a runoff primary for the Republican nomination for South Carolina’s State Superintendent of Education. Last week, she called in to this radio show hosted by Russ Cassell, who asked her some questions about teaching sex ed and creationism. While he’s […]

We are fond of quoting the judge in the novel and film Nobody’s Fool, who said of a case in which an overeager cop fired his gun, “You know my feelings about arming morons. You arm one, you’ve got to arm them all, otherwise it wouldn’t be good sport.” For some reason we seem to have […]

Hurrah and high-fives all around for 8-year-old science fan Olivia McConnell, the nifty South Carolina kid who wrote to her state legislators to propose that they name the Columbian Wooly Mammoth as the state fossil. Her state senator and representative thought it was a good idea, too, so they introduced a bill, and everyone felt […]

Across our great nation, there are a whole lot of funny dumb laws. For example, the internet will tell you that in Boise, Idaho, it’s illegal to fish from the back of a giraffe — although in reality, this turns out to be a myth — despite its inclusion in many lists of dumb laws, […]

Is our favorite vice president of all time, Old Handsome Joe Biden, guzzling some of those five-hour energy drinks we see advertised everywhere? Because word is he went to a Democratic Party fundraiser in South Carolina on Friday night and tore shit up, son. Probably going to be a mini-Democratic baby boom down in that […]

Exciting news in the 2014 race for Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year! An anti-evolution set of science education standards sponsored by one of our leading candidates, South Carolina state Sen. Mike Fair, has passed in committee, and will now go to the state Board of Education for consideration. The standards would require science teachers in […]

Just in case you were worried that South Carolina might start making a little more sense now that it’s been spared from thermonuclear destruction, here is a story about the latest innovation to issue forth from the Palmetto State: Retired Army chaplain Ray Moore, a candidate for Lt. Governor, has pledged that he will work […]