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  cannons are the new black

Today In Impeachment Fantasies, Steve Stockman Edition

One of the things that makes blogging much easier for yr Wonkette is the near-continuous supply of absurd overreactions from Republicans about, well, anything. (Also reliable topics for us: the Catholic Church’s terror of modernity and our bread and butter,┬ápolitician sexytime.) Why, hardly a day goes by here in Wonkland or our poor sister Wonkville where we don’t get some GOPer hyperventilating about how using CFL lightbulbs will end the world as we know it or how we vulgar-tongued types are wrecking discourse by saying “fuck” all the time. However, what has really given wingnuts the chance to step up their ooga-booga game is the merest mention that it would be nice if we didn’t have weapons that killed everyone all the time. What say you, Congresscritter Steve Stockman of Texas? Read more on Today In Impeachment Fantasies, Steve Stockman Edition…