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Trump So Sad Military Hospital Patients Were Denied Bibles, Which They Weren’t

The thing he's talking about was actually just meant to keep all the god-botherers from harassing the patients.

Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Better Say She’s REAL Sorry For Stating The Obvious

Trump says if Hillary won't apologize, she better drop out! We bet Hillz is SO SCARED RIGHT NOW.
Tinfoil flags are best

Sen. Joni Ernst Worried Obama Lowered Flag To Half Staff For Secret Muslin Reasons

You may be astonished, as we were, to learn that conservatives are furious with Barack Obama for waiting Five Whole Days to order the flag to be flown at half staff in honor of the victims of last Thursday's...

Mitt Romney Didn’t Ignore The Troops, He Said ‘Military’ Like Twice

When Mitt Romney (remember, the one running for president against Michelle Obama's husband) spoke at the Republican National Convention, he mentioned pretty much everything that's ever existed except America's men and women in uniform. The liberal media turned this...

Run Really Fast and Win a Rifle At Georgia Race

The local police department and a Presbyterian church in Pooler, Georgia, are never-forgetting September 11 this year by co-hosting the Pooler 5K, a race and "Family Fun Mile Run" to benefit the Warriors in Transition unit of injured soldiers...

Liveblogging President Obama Surrendering In Iraq

Oh here's some big news: Barack Obama has officially declared defeat in Iraq! War is over and our troops are headed home in shame! Stay with us as our president explains how he is going to pull soldiers out...

U.S. Troops Give Barack Obama Their Elitist ‘Money’

Oh ho ho: "According to an analysis of campaign contributions by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Democrat Barack Obama has received nearly six times as much money from troops deployed overseas at the time of their contributions than...

Laura Bush Gets A Friendly Hello From New Zealand Soldiers

We had forgotten about these crazy war-dances the Maori like to do before important events like rugby matches and visits from the American First Lady. What is it with the Bushes and their weird knack for ending up at...

Daily Briefing: Iraqi Idol

Wonkette: Blocked No More