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Ted Cruz wanted evidence of the popular disgust and anger against Obamacare that he’s sure most Americans feel, so he posted a simple question to his FacesPlaces pages last week: Quick poll: Obamacare was signed into law four years ago yesterday. Are you better off now than you were then? Comment with YES or NO! […]

Hey, remember last fall when Barack Obama shut down the government just so he could eject disabled WW II veterans from the monuments on the National Mall? Now, a lot of you may have been under the impression that the shutdown was the result of tea party Republicans’ demand that Obamacare be defunded or they […]

So here’s one of the weirder “guy uses social media to break news” stories out there: Tom Matzzie, a “clean-energy entrepreneur,” was riding on the Acela between Washington DC and New York, and he overheard some guy talking on his cell phone. Pretty quickly, he realized who the guy was: former NSA director Michael Hayden, […]

You have to feel a bit sorry for that smiling little egg guy up there. Here it is, ready to welcome visitors to the website for Fukushima Industries and promise them a happy browsing experience as they look over the company’s fine array of industrial cooling equipment, but it’s saddled with an insufficiently researched name, […]

Here is Mitch McConnell’s new campaign ad, which an ABC blogger describes as having “the feel of a trailer for a movie by Michael Bay,” but which looks to us like nine million other “Morning In America” knockoffs, only with a lead character stolen from a Dr. Seuss book. Yet there must be something magical […]

Mark your colanders, Wonkers, because the inaugural online meeting of our awesome little book club will be tomorrow (Tuesday 3/5/13) at Noon EDT. We’ll be discussing Andy Carvin’s Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution; our book review will go up at about 11:45, and then author Andy Carvin will join […]

As we mentioned last weekend, Your Wonkette is starting a book club thingie, because why wouldn’t we? Here’s the dealio: pretty much every month, we will select a book, announce that selection, and give the Wonkettariat some three weeks or so to read it, followed by a review and a nice long discussion. Unlike a […]

This morning, let’s play some games on egalitarianism, read up on libertarian symbols such as soda, and learn how to tweet. Happy Friday! Mayor Bloomberg wants to take away New Yorkers’ giant sodas — nothing over 16 oz. It’s already too late, man, we’re never all going to fit into the N train, no matter […]

We all know that the Department of Homeland Security has several sub-basements filled with all the illegitimate offspring of the members of Congress whose sole miserable task is to sit at the computer consoles they are chained to and troll Twitter and Facebook in search of bogeymen with social media accounts. But which search terms […]

Today, it’s all about robotic fish, robotic laughter, and how robots are taking all our data and trying to become human. Just kidding! Actually it’s about how scientists are looking at all the awkward things you write on Facebook. There is a significant debate going on about using people’s data on social media sites for […]

How is Barack Hussein NOOBAamA disgracing the Oval Office NOW? He is cold just sitting on Pinterest, swapping recipes for Obama cakes and “pinteresting” (?) dreamy window treatments and the softest pashminas! Why is Obama Pinteresting when gas prices are so high? Shouldn’t Obama be transmitting to his Russian masters instead of gawking at adorable […]

The US government is watching our every tweet, but don’t worry, it’s just to get a “situational awareness” of the world. Since 2010, the Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring “publicly available” information such as forums, Twitter accounts, and websites like WikiLeaks, Facebook and Hulu (what? – “Hey boss, I’m just monitoring these SNL […]

Your regular installment of the FLOTUS Files was postponed this week, as your FLOTUS correspondent was kidnapped and is currently being held hostage in socialist/communist/generally terrible France, which is somehow Michelle Obama’s favorite and least favorite place of all time, favorite because of all the fanciness, and least favorite because of the time everyone ate […]

Hey, America! Do you have ideas? Do you think that maybe everyone should be able to smoke lots of weed, or drive in cars without seat belts, or that we should all be ruled by robots, instead of Barack Obama or, Allah-forbid, Rick Perry? Well, terrific, because now the White House will humor you with […]

Americans are pretty much just sitting around eating Cheetos, waiting for the government to be raptured or whatever, and trying to get the disgusting image of Boehner’s leaky blue eyes out of their recent memories. But hey, Obama wants you to know that you should not lose hope (ha ha HOPE, remember that thing?) because […]