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Sarah Palin is just SO MAD at Barack Obama you guys, that she has been driven, for only the three zillionth time, to call for his impeachment because he is acting like a dictator and not telling the truth about the IRS or Fast and Furious. Or, wait, not those, this time around it’s because […]

Hey besties, Wow, it’s Crissmass again! So fun, espcially here in AK (that’s alaskan for Alaska) where Santa Klaze has his summer home and its so dark in winter, it makes me sad but then I go Tanning and it helps a lot, and I look tan then too which also is helps ya know. […]

Exciting boob toob newz! Sarah Palin will be rejoining Fox News as a “contributor!” Weirdly, the Vanilla from Wasilla, O.G. Sno B. Grifta has done nothing to make us laugh, cringe, weep, sigh, or howl at the moon THAT WE KNOW OF in the roughly one day since the network made the announcement. Patience is counseled. She has never […]

Wow. This is a very acerbic Sarah Palin dressed up in a classic batshit old hag “leopard print muu-muu, beehive and spectacles” ensemble as she practically snarls at the retirement home folk who were bussed in to nap through her speech at Disneyworld. (And oh look, she’s standing behind a sign that is exactly one […]

BUT WHO WILL FIGHT THE GREEDY CORPORATE PIGS RUNNING THE COUNTRY? Haha, you thought, “the Wall Street protesters.” WRONG. “Sarah Palin” is the correct answer, ever since the five or so seconds ago when she vaguely tuned into the fact that the withered teat of her ruthless teabagger fearmongering is drying up, so she must […]

WOAH HO HO! America’s newspaper of record The National Enquirer has a DEF-CON 4 WORLD EXCLUSIVE scoop: Sarah Palin had sex with a black guy, once, in the late 80s, right before she got married! THE CRAZY PART: Todd Palin, he is not black! Sarah Palin had sex with someone who is not Todd Palin! Todd […]

Sarah Palin’s hated author-neighbor enemy Joe McGinnis will soon release his secret spy diary of sexy details about the Palin family’s Satanic backyard meth-gobbling rituals, and it is apparently super juicy, in terms of Sarah Palin being an awful moron! Blah blah, that is not the “news part,” because that is not “news.” The actual […]

“Math” suggests John McCain does not believe he would have lived through his first presidential term if he had won! Hahahaha, Jesus, Sarah Palin was almost your President. THAT WAS SO CLOSE, never forget. [Twitter]

Oh, look whose handlers discovered fish-eye lenses and sepia filters! Insipid reality teevee grandma Sarah Palin released another mind-numbing Internet home movie about signing autographs in Iowa to share, for whatever reason, who needs a reason? Rat-faced freak show Karl Rove excitedly predicts she released this video because she is finally planning to jump into the […]

See how time passes these days, faster than you thought it would, faster than the rules of the space-time continuum suggest they could, because Track Palin and his wife of three months, Britta, have a new baby! That is “the miracle of science” that the Palin family tree has discovered and been perfecting in their […]

Oh look, it is the helmeted space turd Sarah Palin doing a greatest hits tour on Fox News. Is this a replay clip from 2008 talking to Sean Hannity? No, it is Sarah Palin reenacting one of her more popular Dances of Stupid in exchange for her Fox News gold coins. “The teabaggers can’t be […]

Apparently there is a marginally employed woman on Facebook who lives in Alaska and grows children and has opinions about things, lots of them, about political things. Oh look, she found something about politics in her “Saved Documents” folder from last year, she’ll throw that up on the Internet, some sort of rant about the […]

Comic book supervillain film The Undefeated was released in theaters on Friday to exactly the amount of excitement visible on the faces of trapped subway car passengers standing next to someone who has just farted. Movie ratings site Rotten Tomatoes confirms this.  [Rotten Tomatoes]

Hooray, is the Internet pooping out more documents filled with juicy details about Sarah Palin’s pointless and yet self-serving political projects? Why yes! Palin’s latest SarahPAC filings with the FEC are a Political Topic today, because everyone’s favorite grifter quitter queen spent $14,000 just for the goofball decals on her “Road Accident Death Tour of […]

We applaud Newsweek on the headline “I Can Win” for their cover story about Sarah Palin, a person who is not actually in competition for anything and does not care to change out of her jogging outfit for a cover story photo shoot. If only there were something for Sarah Palin to compete at, to win? […]