snoop dogg

Now that Donald Sterling has been suspended 4LYFE from the NBA, everyone is lining up to say they’d buy the Clippers, which is probably what the NBA hoped. Force a sale and get this guy gone. Since Magic Johnson has denied reports that he’d consider buying the team, we’re forced to consider the other candidates, […]

Assuming you did not spend your weekend in a cave on Neptune or deep in a laudanum coma on your bathroom floor, you heard about the insanely racist comments made by cranky Just For Men hair coloring model Donald Sterling. Yr Wonkette thinks the great Snoop Dogg said all there is to say about the […]

Perhaps this is your first foray into the Internet today. Maybe you were getting brunch? Anyway, TMZ has incredibly upsetting audio of Clippers owner Donald Sterling slurring at his girlfriend for nine long minutes about how black people are best enjoyed in private, Strom Thurmond-style. Sometimes she argues, and says how sad she is his […]

Jesus, but conservatives have a hard-on of hate for Obamacare commercials. Remember how they felt about pajama boy? Now they’ve found a new thing to twist their underwear over, which is that Richard Simmons was part of a California online telethon urging people to sign up for coverage. Rich Lowry, for one, is Appalled! And […]

The Tea Party freshman who wormed his way into all our hearts when he held up some lame sign reading “Drilling = Jobs” at Obama’s fancy Jobs speech* like some sort of fainting Claymaniac at an American Idol “concert,” has been spotted taking in a doubtlessly cuss- and reefer-filled show by “urban” “entertainers” Snoop Dogg […]