Let’s see what we have for you this Happy afternoon. There is no explanation that will satisfy us as to why was on Meet the Press yesterday, because there is no reason should be on Meet the Press ever. Girlfriend-beating asshole Gurbaksh Chahal saved all the emails his cool friends sent him after […]

Oh, Saturday Night Live. We never watch you, but other people bother to watch and find funny things. There were funny things this weekend! The Beygency thing was hilarious and then new-ish writer Leslie Jones came on Weekend Update and she killed it dead with jokes about sex and slavery, which has many many people […]

Saturday Night Live has a pretty creative take on CNN’s constant, terrible coverage of the missing Malaysian airliner: What if CNN made a pregnancy test? You’d get constant updates, but no real information. It’s a cute fake ad, even if it’s no Happy Fun Ball, but it might have been funnier if instead of the […]

Hey! SNL did a funny sketch that didn’t drag on forever! “Black Jeopardy!” features Louis C.K. as a “Professor of African American Studies at Brigham Young University.” He’s only slightly more tragically white than Yr Dok Zoom. It’s no Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor in the infamous “Word Association” sketch (“Dead Honky”), but what is? […]

If there’s anything SNL does brilliantly, it’s movie parodies. And political sketches! And political movie sketches with a tough-guy monologue you remember from the trailer because you didn’t even have to see the movie, but here is Liam Neeson delivering another version of it anyway, and not even looking very embarrassed about the whole thing! […]

Submitted for your approval: A Saturday Night Live sketch out of time, with Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell in drag as teen girls, joined by FLOTUS Michelle Obama in one of those guest appearances that proves that a prominent non-actor is a “good sport” — a little stiff but game, exactly as she should be. […]

After not having a female cast member of color on the show since 2007, Saturday Night Live got its act together and is bringing Sasheer Zamata on as the first female comedian of color since Maya Rudolph left. A few months back, there was a brouhaha when Saturday Night Live announced new cast members, and […]

We know you guys love some good old-fashioned derp in these columns, and we aim to please. But frankly, we have to confess that we can’t quite tell if this item from the comment queue is an actual example of Jesse Ventura-lovin’ wingnuttery, or a clever parody of same. “Shweatypalms” writes, in reply to our […]

Omnipotent omnipresent omniscient Miley Cyrus showed up on “Saturday Night Live” on, well, Saturday as both musical guest and special guest star. Ladies and gentlemen, please start your engines to discuss any of the following: 1) SNL sucks now and no one should ever watch it. 2) Justin Timberlake is the only person that should […]

Last night, some weasel-faced Canadian read Green Eggs and Ham to the Senate. Here’s a clip of Jesse Jackson giving the book justice on SNL after Theodore Geisel died in 1991. (It’s not the full version, unfortunately; completists can find a not-great-quality version — which we could not embed, unfortunately — here.) [Read more at […]

We do not know if the wingnuts are furious about the Chuck Hagel Sadtime Clown Face Hearings Hour, and how SNL cut it before air, probably because it was not funny. (We have just watched it; it was not funny.) We do not know if the wingnuts are furious, because Doktor Zoom is the only […]

Victoria Jackson, best known for her invention “The Love Toilet,” continues to wow audiences with her hilarious comedy stylings 20 years after last appearing anywhere in the media entertainment complex. How is she achieving this? With a Colbertian, or maybe Kaufmanian, embodiment of a hilarious character she calls “racist wackjob who is in no way […]

The mentally ill are such ideal teevee guests, aren’t they? Oh, good thing she brought that book along to show in case we wanted to buy one. Hadn’t heard of it. WAIT A SECOND, WHAT’S THAT ON HER PALM? Does that say “NH”? As in New Hampshire? Oh God, this woman is running for president. […]

Last week, a “nationally-known pro-life supporter from Washington, D.C.,” Randall Terry, came to Greenville, South Carolina and hanged and beat up effigies of Sen. Lindsey Graham. There is a precious photo gallery of this historical event of lolz, which may prove to be the turning point in our nation’s history. Photo One: Bystanders look on […]

It didn’t take much to make this funny, and there it was, being funny. “OBAMAR” is now the funniest way to refer to this person, the president. Thanks for a good two years, “nObAmA.” Can we please have more reactions to the SNL television show, right wing bloggers? Newsbusters alone won’t cut it. [NBC]