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Michelle Obama Punished With NASCAR Race In Everglades

Our Michelle Obama just likes to surprise us every day, mostly with bad news about how we’re all killing ourselves, eating things that are probably not classified as “food” by any branch of science. But she also likes to surprise us by showing up places where a FLOTUS would not be expected to appear, like on the set of a popular tween teevee show about a girl who doesn’t get knocked up like her Nickelodeon peers despite being named after an mp3 player. Unfortunately, the 2012 End Times are upon us, which means our FLOTUS now must cut back on fun television appearances and start making important trips to awful sporting events, where the important voters are. Like NASCAR! Read more on Michelle Obama Punished With NASCAR Race In Everglades…
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Glenn Beck Promises To Brand All Children At His DC Rally

Glenn Beck’s potluck BBQ/Glenn Beck fan-fest on the National Mall this Saturday is going to be historical and life-changing and the turning point for America, according to Glenn Beck. Also, there will be miracles from Heaven — “Literally, expect to see miracles. Great, powerful miracles are coming.” But the miracles of the so-called “God” are no match for Beck’s outrageous plan to lure innocent children to his death march and brand their flesh forever. “This will be indelibly marked. It will be marked forever,” Beck told his followers on the radio. “It will be a brand on them.” Read more on Glenn Beck Promises To Brand All Children At His DC Rally…