Oh for fuck’s sake.

After the 9/11 (TM) attacks, while Rumsfeld and Cheney were arguing over which brown people to blow up first, the Bush Administration ordered some propaganda magazines produced and distributed in the Muslim Lands, so Our Enemies could see how rad we were, in the Land of Freedom. Writers and editors and designers were hired to […]

Well well well! Well. Well. Well. HMM. John Edwards has arrived in Haiti to do relief work. He is perhaps the only person on Earth right now who can volunteer to bring doctors, food, and supplies to dying Haitians and become more of a monstrous asshole by doing so.

REAGAN NO. 2  5:19 pm May 7, 2009

Mittens Gets Focused

by Jim Newell

When Mitt Romney nears an election of his — only four more years-ish! — he transforms into his super-funny lying clown alter ego, “Mittens,” who literally believes in nothing and will simply invent exquisite lies or make fun of Bob Dole if that’s what’s demanded of him in the very short term. He’s harmless and […]

Rod Blagojevich, you are a hero — you are still giving to us, in the form of comic material, months after you’ve been removed from the Illinois governor’s office. (Not that you ever actually went to the Illinois governor’s office, but you know what we mean, you fuckin’ guy.) And today, a new scheme, or […]