Here is the great news for those of us who have longed for some FLOTUS in our lives these past few days: Michelle Obama is involved in another scandal again, and surprise surprise, it involves Spain and France and being an African and, oh wait, NUDITY. And once our nation’s bucket hat-wearing slobs and zombie […]

The Supreme Court conducted a vile smear against the noble state of Arizona today by shooting down most of SB 1070, the law that restricts illegal Mexicans from existing. Our old pal Antonin Scalia, writing the dissenting opinion, simply didn’t care for his peers’ decision. As Scalia sees it, states = sovereign, so states can […]

Why, exactly, should we raise the retirement age? Who benefits from that? Certainly not people, now being told that they’ll have to toil until death after all, just like the slaves and serfs of the cruel past. And why should the elderly now have to work to the grave? Because the Koch Brothers were born […]

There is nothing quite like an early summer morning around our nation’s Capitol, where happy families are wandering lost and smiling and snapping pictures and lining up for tours of the grand slave-built palace of democracy. But why are they so happy, when they’re wandering lost in the crushing heat and wilting humidity, and where […]

Not even Elmo, Sesame Street’s pusher extraordinaire, is capable of peddling broccoli to little children. [Matt Yglesias] Jonah Goldberg impresses the entire world with his 5th-grade Latin (“I likeus Star Trekius”). [The Corner] Fourteen dudes and Sofia Coppola were arrested for being terrible mobsters. [Daily Intel] Hundreds of military generals are flipping out because if […]

You know who likes Harry Reid? A “slave boss” from Dubai, who used slave labor to build Dubai’s architecturally adventurous hospitality industry edifices, so Harry Reid is basically Simon Legree! Which makes sense, when you consider that unionized African slaves built the Luxor casino two thousand years ago. [YouTube]

Former South Carolina GOP chair Katon Dawson wanted so bad to earn his nut as chairman of the Republican National Committee in last year’s hysterical six-dimensional gangbang of an internal election process, one that hilariously culminated in Michael Steele’s first-ever victory in any contest. Dawson yearned so much for this position that he even resigned […]

Congress’ top-ranked asshole, Rep. Steve King of Iowa, has offered his rationale for casting the lone vote against a resolution to duct-tape an Etch-a-Sketch plaque to the assistant janitor’s closet wall in the $600 million+ subterranean Capitol Visitors Center, to thank the slaves for building the U.S. Capitol as part of their slave work.

Congratulations to Arlen Specter for joining the Dixiecrat Party of America’s “Mid-Atlantic!” Here in America’s slave city, Richmond — a “blue city” now — we located the “X” marking on the ground where the Enola Gay will finally destroy the South with her payload of Pig Nukes from space — as soon as Arlen Specter […]

South Carolina slaveholder Katon Dawson was this close to becoming the new RNC chairman, but the yankees rallied ’round Maryland black person Michael Steele, who has since brought disgrace to the white party by talking about hip hop and websites. THIS WON’T STAND. Dawson is now orchestrating a “no confidence” vote against this vaguely African […]

This CNN article is consistently hilarious, the way it tries to segue between Barack Obama being president and the history of slavery. We learn all kinds of surprising information! “WASHINGTON (CNN) — In January, President-elect Barack Obama and his family will make history, becoming the first African-American first family to move into the White House […]

Whoa, it’s the electoral map with… with freakin’ dots all over the damn place, just cold clusterin’ and aggregatin’ over the blue areas. It is this: “Strange Maps overlays cotton production in 1860 with the 2008 presidential results.” Awkward! And as you can see, we’ve “overlaid” — with a retarded X — the approximate location […]

John McCain’s family owned at least nine million slaves, from Africa, back in the “good old days,” before Nancy Pelosi and the Liberals waged an unjust war on the Deep South and made everyone pay black people for work. (And people wonder why Congressional approval ratings are so low!) But the McCain clan still owns […]

Okay so it’s nine days old, but you must read this very delightful article about the effects of the financial crisis on Greenwich, Connecticut, a town where rich people live. There had been three types of people in Greenwich, organized into a clear heirarchy: rich hedge fund managers, rich investment bankers, and lastly, filthy serfs. […]

Now that American Capitalism has completely failed and the U.S. currency is even more worthless, the folks at the U.S. Mint are having some fun by releasing this new Lincoln Penny, which reminds us that all Republicans are terrible closet-case homosexuals having grim bathroom encounters in these Log Cabins on the edge of town, by […]