Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Sarah Palin — Levi Johnston is a ‘DEADBEAT DAD!’ – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe Sweet Jesus there are actually like four separate Sarah Palin items in the news today, and at the rate they are piling up there will be 12 more before this even gets […]

With all of the terrible, sludge-brained, doped-out political hacks whose columns we read over and over until every atom of our being must fight the urge to swan-dive off a twenty-story building onto a fence topped with rusty spikes coated with rattlesnake venom, we often forget about the execrable Richard Cohen at The Washington Post. […]

The Republican Party of Chisago County, Minnesota, posted this awesome satirical image on its Facebook page for a few hours Wednesday, then removed it — and the entire Facebook page, for a while — before posting an apology, saying that the posting was “not representative of our party.” Aw, come on, guys, enough Republicans have […]

Some people get pretty worked up about Obamacare. Here, for instance, is Jeff Goldstein, the proud proprietor of, explaining to civil rights legend John Lewis that YUH HUH Obamacare IS TOO SLAVERY, and also that John Lewis is a “parasite” — you know who else called people “parasites”? — and a disgrace to the […]

Nevada State Assemblyman Jim Wheeler wants to make it absolutely clear that he is not in favor of slavery, OK? He was just trying to make a point, and all you smartasses in the media took what he said he believed and acted like he believed what he said. What happened was that back in […]

It has been a quiet week in our woebegone comments queue. Obviously, we’re not being outrageous enough; we’ll work on that. Fortunately, an older post attracted the attention of a reader who wanted to let us know that our understanding of the Old South is seriously skewed. In response to a piece we did back […]

This whole government shutdown slash Obamacare thing sure has given the GOPers a lot to talk outloud about lately. Ted Cruz gathered “thousands” of vets for a “million” vet march to make speeches about the government shutdown Ted Cruz caused. Louie Gohmert threatened to impeach the president for any potential debt default that Louie Gohmert […]

Let’s see here. We have a divided Congress, an approaching debt ceiling, and bitter partisanship. Congress suggests putting together a bi-cameral committee to work out a solution to deal with federal spending and the debt limit. Maybe, perhaps, this could work. Tell us more, The Hill: The House will vote as soon as Tuesday on […]

This week, a Very Special Episode of Sundays With the Christianists, with some special comments from admirers of this feature. Actually, we’re somewhat surprised that, in the year and some weeks we’ve been at this, we haven’t gotten more negative feedback — we appear not to have attracted the attention of the Jesusphere so far, […]

We didn’t really intend to spend three weeks on the topic of our Christian textbooks’ coverage of the Civil War. Then again, both the North and South expected the war itself to take only a few months. With all the current talk of a “short, limited air campaign” against Syria, we wonder if maybe there’s […]

Break out the daguerreotypes and crank up the “Ashokan Farewell” (yes, we know it’s from 1982), because it’s time for some more Civil War in our Christian homeschooling textbooks. First off, a correction: Last week, we said that our 8th-grade text from A Beka, America: Land I Love, didn’t say anything about the causes of […]

Before we get started, a note on a personal milestone: Last week marked the one-year anniversary of this feature, which began with a look at an American Literature book for Christian students, where we learned that Mark Twain rebelled against God’s authority. Based on the amount of derp being thrown at the homeschooling market, we […]

We have to admit that we are getting quite an education from our American History textbooks for Christian schools. Last week, for instance, we learned that slavery was unpleasant but had its benefits, like those pretty spirituals. This week, we’ll look at the Second Great Awakening, a period of evangelical growth in the early 19th […]

As we mentioned last week, slavery is a difficult topic for our fundamentalist textbooks to dance around. Written as an antidote to perceived liberal bias in education, these books are certainly not going to dwell on the cruelties of slavery like America-hating liberals, but they don’t go so far as to justify it, either. Whenever possible, […]

We’re going to skip a couple of chapters in our American history books for homeschoolers this week — sorry, Andrew Jackson fanboys! (Quick recap: Gold Standard good but Bank of the United States bad; Trail of Tears sad but inevitable.) Instead, let’s look at our textbooks’ chapters on advances (always advances, you know) in technology […]