SOUTH PARK: Poor and Stupid Have you forgotten all about the redneck webcam star “Skoal Rebel” aka skoalrebel, who was for a brief moment in time the most popular Actual Human Character on your Wonkette? The cud-chewin’ loser may have dropped off the map “in real life,” but his memory lives on within the appalling […]

Well here’s a happy little inspirational story to make your Monday a little sun-shinier: the artist formerly known as Skoalrebel has returned to the YouTube after going off the grid for several months, after all you hateful Internet banshees mocked him off the webcam. Apparently he used this time away to engage in deep spiritual […]

“I’m up to 223 subscribers… I don’t know why y’all motherfuckers fuckin’ subscribe to me when all y’all gonna do is fuckin’ talk shit about me.” [YouTube]

AMERICA'S TOP TWO PUNDITS  12:40 pm September 28, 2009

by Jim Newell

ANDREW SULLIVAN 100% GAY FOR SKOALREBEL: “I thought he was kinda hot myself” — marijuana pundit Andrew Sullivan, being not sarcastic at all about the actual smartest person alive today, skoalrebel. [Andrew Sullivan, Lauri Apple illustration]