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Flavored Chew Fiend ‘Skoalrebel’ Has Become Cartman, On ‘South Park’

SOUTH PARK: Poor and Stupid Have you forgotten all about the redneck webcam star "Skoal Rebel" aka skoalrebel, who was for a brief moment in time the most popular Actual Human Character on your Wonkette? The cud-chewin' loser may have...

Skoalrebel Now With 100% Fewer N-, F-Words

Well here's a happy little inspirational story to make your Monday a little sun-shinier: the artist formerly known as Skoalrebel has returned to the YouTube after going off the grid for several months, after all you hateful Internet banshees...

Skoalrebel: “finally a new vid dippin good ole grizz bear green”

"I'm up to 223 subscribers... I don't know why y'all motherfuckers fuckin' subscribe to me when all y'all gonna do is fuckin' talk shit about me."

ANDREW SULLIVAN 100% GAY FOR SKOALREBEL: "I thought he was kinda hot myself" -- marijuana pundit Andrew Sullivan, being not sarcastic at all about the actual smartest person alive today, skoalrebel.