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Tag: signs

Seemingly Racist Delaware Park Signs Merely Really Stupid, Not Apartheid For Your Spanishes

So here's a thing that's been going around the intarwebs for a few days: Signs at two school playgrounds in Milford, Delaware, have totally different meanings in Spanish and English. The English version is the usual legal ass-covering warning...

‘Worst Governor Ever’ Sign Ruins Sarah Palin’s Teevee Show, Results In Weird YouTube Coversation

Sarah Palin's Discovery Channel show was filming in Homer, Alaska, and decided it needed a lot of security to keep the mama grizzly bear safe. But this couldn't stop some woman who dislikes Sarah Palin from putting up a...

A Children’s Treasury of Boston Teabagger Dorkery

HELLO, SAILOR! Not sure what this fellow is even protesting or if he's just proud of wriggling around in Mitt's magic underwear, but it's safe to say that his Tea Party Shirt has the best spelling and grammar and...

'THE PRESIDENT IS A NAGGER.' Hmm what could possibly go wrong with that statement , on an outdoor sign with easily changeable letters, in Kentucky?

Oprah Winfrey Is Your New Godhead

Oddly enough, this is how we conclude grace around the Wonkette "dinner table" (i.e. oil drum full of burning trash). Thanks to operative Jack for sending along this lovely photo from yesterday's festivities, where Oprah Winfrey was appointed Permanent...

Appeasement Is Not An Option

Area Protester Fooled by Satire

Another Mystery Solved