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Hi, it’s me, your Editrix! How are you? TERRIBLE? Are you TERRIBLE because we have soooo many ugly ads on this page, and they are ugly? Fuck dudes, that sucks, and I am sorry. NOW CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YELLING AT ME ABOUT THE ADS. Go click on Breitbart, or Daily Caller, or even our […]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is so mad, you guys. Right, right, he’s always mad. But listen, some lady doctor from the Clinton White House days had the audacity to state the obvious this week when she said maybe his weight would make him not live all the way through a presidency and that he […]

Bloated GOP gambling addict William Bennett makes his millions in many ways, such as his storied tenure on the board of some sketchy “online charter school” that siphons taxpayer money from real public schools. (It was started by Goldman Sachs executives and convicted felon Michael Milken, of course. Bennett “resigned” from the K12 board after […]

Jabbering moron Joe Biden was trying to save America by turning off a $125 website for endangered species, but somehow everybody still thinks Joe Biden is a fool. So congratulations to Joe Biden for somehow looking worse than congressional Republicans, great job! Reuters reports: Budget talks hit an impasse on Thursday after both Republicans walked […]

Jabbering imbecile Sarah Palin and her rented tour bus continue to bring laughs to America. Here’s how she described Paul Revere’s famous 1775 secret horseback ride through the countryside where he quietly warned revolutionary conspirators of the British Army’s progress between Boston and Lexington, where they planned to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock: “He […]

American Taliban/Miss USA Rima Fakih was just another gal who did stripper-pole dances at local bars until she was chosen as the new Queen of TeeVee Underwear Contests last night. And then, within hours, the 24-year-old bikini model had become the new Obama/Osama of the Wingnut Internet World, because she was born in Lebanon and […]

EMAILS WE DELETED IMMEDIATELY: “Good afternoon, In a story exclusive to National Journal, Jim Barnes reports that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is weighing a run for president in 2012 and that he expects to come to a decision in February or March of 2011.” [National Journal!!]

Michael Steele! It has been a full forty-five minutes since he has last tempted John Boehner to actually murder him. Things are quiet… too quiet. Back on The Streets when things were too quiet, this meant that one of the Street People had to make a move. You can bet your Boston Terrier that Michael […]

Alaskan teen Levi Johnston is famous for banging one of Sarah Palin’s daughters in Sarah Palin’s house in a special fuck room Sarah Palin created for the children, and ever since America has turned to Young Mr. Levi for tawdry details of the Palin Lifestyle. The latest, from some awful celebrity shit site: Todd and […]

You know who used to be American, when he killed fucking foreigners in “World War II or Korea or one of these places,” while wearing the proper green “Army duds,” before liberal Hollywood turned him into a cocksucking cross-dresser? GI JOE THAT IS WHO, come on.

HE LEARNED NOTHING FROM 'LET'S ROLL'  1:38 pm March 23, 2009

by Ken Layne

NEIL YOUNG WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT ON THIS FINANCIAL NEWS: So he made a super-shitty song/video about, uh, Wall Street fat cats or whatever. Just do a blog on Huffington Post next time, okay? [Gawker]