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Tag: showers

DJ Pootsalot

Moby Says You Can Eat That Cheeseburger, As Long As You Never Shower Again

It's time for another edition of Adorable Liberals Coming Up With Cute Ways To Fix Real Problems. You see, California ain't got no water, because of a drought, because there are too many people living there for the meager...
George Bellows, 'The Shower Bath,' 1917

ESPN Has Serious Questions About Who Showers With Michael Sam (Who Is GAY)

F'ball Season is almost upon us again, and so ESPN's SportCenter sent reporter Josina Anderson to the Rams training camp -- which unaccountably is not in Los Angeles! -- to get the skinny on how Michael Sam (who is...

Washington Free Beacon Super Squicked Out By Stinky Girls

This morning, Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki was on MSNBC (obviously, what with all the socialisms). Remarking how busy the campaign was, she said that she'd just gotten off the campaign and been able to shower for the first time...