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Hang On, Trump And McConnell Still Beating Shit Out Of Each Other Over Obamacare

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are having an old man slapfight. It's a shame they can't both lose! Oh, wait.... THEY CAN!

Whose Job Do You Think It Was To Photoshop Trump’s Hand To Make It Look Bigger?

Seriously, can you imagine that being your job?

Donald Trump Pitches ‘Vanity Fair’ Exposé About His Enormous Fingers


Donald Trump Guarantees His Big Dick Will Make America Great Again

Thursday night's Republican debate among four adult men who want to be leaders of the free world delivered all the seriousness and gravitas you'd expect from the GOP. And because we know said free world leader must, above all else,...

Donald Trump Kills Jimmy Carter

Donald Trump, always good for a laugh, arrived at CPAC today ready to be as impressive as ever. Consider this on-the-spot report from Huffpo's Sam Stein: Trump just rolled in w/ about 12 security guards. "Any thoughts on Ukraine?" I...

Donald Trump Shares His Money Secret: You Gotta Be SMRT!

Short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump excreted this little wisdom-nugget out onto the twittosphere this morning, sweeping away the old Horatio Alger myth and giving hope to millions who figure that they're easily as smart as Donald Trump. Smartass nitpickers might...

Donald Trump Keeps The ‘Me’ In ‘Memorial’

And now, to round out your September 11, 2013, here's Donald Trump. "Best wishes, even to the haters and losers." And that's what 9/11 is all about, Charlie Brown.
Art for Art's Sake

Wind Farms, Wetlands, And All The Tentacle Porn Your Weekly Sci-Blog Can Hold

Salutations, Sapients! Once again, through the miracle of careless scheduling we're able to slip yet another strange and unsettling Sci-Blog in under the Editorial Radar. Eventually the Administration will realize the extent that this is Legitimate Sci-Bloggery and Shut...

Donald Trump Yells At Rich Lady Arianna Huffington And Tells GOP To Get Mean

Pus-filled gluteal boil Donald Trump took to the Twittertubes today to comment on the comeliness of sweatshop-celebriporn-blog overseer Arianna Huffington. We thought he liked women with accents? After the whole entire Internet said, "Eew, Donald, SO RUDE!" Trump followed...