Hey, well-regulated militia, how’s the responsible gun ownership going lately? If we’re doing a Gun Roundup, seems like we’re pretty much required to start with Florida, so here’s a story of a Responsible Gun Owner protecting his life from someone who threatened his rightful place on the road: On Friday, 83-year-old Mario Perez-Tano was stopped […]

So here’s a story that’s just beginning to get some traction: Over the weekend, a California Highway Patrolman and a BLM officer were shot – nonfatally, thank goodness — near a campground in Nevada County, California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Details are still coming out, but authorities have identified the shooter, who was also […]

Greetings from Wonkette’s brand new Bunker O’ Love, the underground safe room on our Idaho compound where we go to write about guns, gun accessories, and how they have made America great. Today, we have several tales of Great Americans using their guns for personal protection while keeping them in reserve to rise up against […]

We are at the “Oh Jesus Not Again” phase of the awful news from Washington right now, and if you want accurate, up-to-the-minute reporting, we would suggest that you read an actual news website (we’re mostly going from the Washington Post liveblog). But here is what we seem to know so far, subject to the […]

Stupidest Man On the Internet Jim Hoft has perpetrated more blogging about the Sandy Hook massacre. As usual, he also performs multiple acts of vandalism on facts and logic. Today’s flaming bag of dogshit on the internet’s porch contains one (1) factual error and one (1) wholly specious conclusion. We shall resist the urge to […]

A guest post from your comrade Fakakta South. Say goodbye to Ugg boots, throw those skinny jeans in the trash (seriously), the hot new fad these days is just fucking stone cold shooting people! For anyone who pisses you off, gets in your way, or tries to make you show up for court, standing your […]

In the always-crowded race to become the first public figure to say something incredibly douchey immediately after a tragedy, it would appear that bragging rights go to Rep. Louis Gohmert, (R-TX), who, asked about the shootings in an interview on right-wing radio, took the opportunity to blame the shootings on America’s failure to be Jesusy […]

There are 12 people dead and 50 injured at a movie theater in Colorado, including a baby. It’s not as though you can’t look into a suspect’s history after a massacre and report things as they’re confirmed. That’s what the media should do! What the media, and every idiot on the Twitter, should not do, […]

The wheezy little shadow humans hovering around in the dank caves over at Rupert Murdoch’s terror pamphlet the New York Post sure are devoting an awful lot of comical reporting to the fabrication of elaborate Jesusween bedtime stories about the Occupy Wall Street protesters. It’s like they’re kind of (very) worried or something! The latest strenuous […]

Hey look, the black boots have been brought in to protect the state senators and their illegal lawmaking in the locked-down capitol building. Republicans sure do want the protestors to get violent, huh? A fatal shooting is just what this situation needs. Or perhaps it needs more noise? Some guy sent us a link to […]

Saturday’s shooting spree and attempted assassination in Arizona is a story of senseless violence, mental instability, but also bravery. But also also, it is a story of dads being dads. Dads: Why won’t they leave you alone? Why are they constantly asking you to turn down the music up there? Why are they always trying […]

The old cliche when a young man does a shooting rampage is that nobody saw it coming. Nobody thought the kid they knew could do such a thing. Not the case with Jared Loughner. “Oh, finally. Was wondering when he was going to shoot a bunch of people.” This is what the people who knew […]

Jesus, what is it with this country? “U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot outside a grocery store in Tucson while holding a public event, Arizona Public Media reported Saturday.” According to reports, she’s been transported to University Medical Center in Tucson, but her condition isn’t known. UPDATE: NPR says she and six others […]

Everyone knows the drill. The man allegedly began to make physically threatening gestures toward the officer, which prompted the officer to draw his gun and instruct the man to lay down on the ground. “He began to threaten the officer physically,” Morse told The Hill. “The officer took a defensive posture to thwart that aggressive […]

Are you headed to Washington for the big comedy rally we are having in lieu of possessing any grand ambition, moral beliefs or personal dignity? Hooray, hope you like Sheryl Crow a lot! Also: Hope you don’t get shot by the armed & dangerous lunatic firing on anything he thinks is a U.S. Marine or […]