Hey bitchez. Whatcha doin’? Being stupid bitches? That sounds about right. Here, for instance, is a documentary prepared by some cool guy at whoever does the in-house documentaries for the DC Metro public transportation system, which everyone loves very much, and it is all about how their buses only break down every 8,000 miles, so […]

Tennessee congressjerk Marsha Blackburn doesn’t hold with an oppressive federal government meddling in people’s choices — unless of course it involves sluts who want contraception or abortions, duh — and she gave HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a piece of her mind about it at Wednesday’s Yell-At-Obamacare hearing in the House, pointing out that maybe Americans […]

Just in case you were feeling hopeful about humanity or anything, we thought we’d nip that right in the bud. Yep, it looks like the Iconic Christmas Story for 2012 has arrived! In Grand Junction, Colorado, a single mother and her three children are going to be evicted from their apartment just in time for […]

Airport psychic Janet Napolitano was listening to the planes go by from the food court, staring into her magic crystal homeland security ball, when she heard a Voice from the Future! It said, “Keep your shoes on, America.” Air travelers will eventually be able to keep their shoes on to pass through security, but the […]

Important AOL spam site “The Huffington Post” has a Fashion Reporter! She likes to report on girly things like fashion. But sometimes when you let ladies post things on the Internet without a professional man checking them first, the Fashion Reporter might tackle a political subject, like this: On camera, Michele Bachmann embodies the sort […]

A very kind, smart, attractive young woman I know took grave exception with my denunciation of those medallion shoes all the District’s WASPy women seem to fancy. While willing to admit that perhaps they were, indeed, crap shoes, she was angry that I’d not leveled a similar attack on the preferred footwear of DC men. […]

Rick Perry, the most foul hair-monster of a governor since Rod Blagojevich, has amassed a small collection of sexy shoe-fetish photographs on his Flickr site. The name of the collection? “Kicks for Rick,” of course, showcasing exactly how Rick gets his kicks. Next fall, will Texans want to re-elect, for the billionth time, a known […]

Remember when poor street hustler Barack Obama had big old holes in the soles of his Florsheim salesman shoes? Here’s a new arty sex photo by White House pornographer Pete Souza, and the shoe soles maybe have holes, still? Or are the shoes just blurry to fuck with your minds? Or, is America finally officially […]

Before the dawn of the Internet, people used to waste time the old-fashioned way: by playing solitaire on their shitty Windows 3.1 machines. Then Doom and Quake and The Sims and Spore came along, and time-wasting evolved into a very sophisticated and complicated activity that required thousands of dollars of expensive electronics to perform correctly. […]

A very brave man once stood up in a press conference and took off his shoes one at a time and threw them at the President of America, who nimbly ducked because he still has the reflexes of a regular cocaine user. This shoe-throwing fellow was promptly taken to an Iraqi jail, where he was […]

By the Comics CurmudgeonHey, everybody, did you hear about what happened in Iraq this week? Obviously, I’m not talking about the carnage and the death, because the “surge” is “working” and the daily levels of terrible violence there have subsided to a point that is only a dozen times worse than anything any American civilian […]

The Code Pink liberals held their “throw shoes at Bush” reenactment yesterday, yay. A small but dedicated crowd went and threw shoes at a plaster Bush zombie. But then something far worse appeared, from the “neo-liberal” Washington Post newspaper: DANA MILBANK, with a cameraman, reporting on the fun for his next grating “local color” column. […]

So the members of lefty protest group Code Pink were watching the YouTube of the Iraqi journalist chucking his shoes at shifty George Bush and realized, “OMG, why didn’t we think of that first?” And voila, press release! A forthcoming event!

You people are very on top of things, aren’t you? You say, “Ha ha it would be funny to have a game like the EcoDriving USA game, only with throwing shoes at George W. Bush,” and voila, here it is! You win if you get to 10 points before you have a seizure. [blogslut]

Nice dodge on the first shoe, President George! What the hell? And ha ha, Dana Perino got a black eye from a black microphone who later carved “I” — for Iraq! — into her butt cheek, because of Obama. [YouTube]