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Surely you Wonketteers have heard the librul media and members of Congress crowing about the new student loan bill, which is apparently not only a great deal for students but is also significant because it demonstrates that Congress is capable of passing something on a bipartisan basis. Everybody wins: Congress looks good! The new bill […]

We knew Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel was a TREASURE in his own right smack in the middle of his first debate with blowsy Ohio rambler Sherrod Brown. He was GRANDLY ORATING some total nonsense, and then he said this incredibly dumb thing about loving women because he totally has a wife and mom so […]

Sorry, sorry, we are 10 minutes late, we had to … well, we didn’t have to do anything actually, except convince ourselves to actually turn on THE SPAN and voluntarily face an hour with walking Clearasil ad/Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. Here we go! 7:14 PM — Oh good it is the surprisingly wee Chuck Todd. […]

Good times on the ol’ SPAN last night, as Ohio state Treasurer/debate club fetus TOOK IT to Senator Sherrod Brown, and by “took it to” we mean yelled his talking points with awesome macho frowning and stuff. Did you know that Josh Mandel served his country in Iraq? It is true, he did, though how […]

Oh LOOK someone has decided to do something about the gigantic loan bubble (student, not housing) in the form of commissioning a report from the Consumer Protection Bureau, and YAY Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) has gone ahead and followed the recommendations of the report, introducing not one, but TWO bills on private student loans! TWO! […]

Syndicated columnist and Elite Media Figure Connie Schultz presents us with an object lesson in how to cleverly avoid answering pointed questions from citizen-journalists who tell you that they have the goods on you. (Above. It is right there above. Did you not see it?) But a couple of Tips to the best journalist of […]

This is what one year in the Senate, occasionally breaking with your party, does to your body in an era of extreme polarization. Hopefully the appreciative gays will find a way to fix him up. [Google News]

Here’s a clip of Sen. Sherrod “60th Man” Brown finally showing up at a mostly empty Senate last night, saying a couple of words, and thereby giving each of you lazy slobs a job for once. CNN even shows Sherrod’s expensive Cadillac pulling up to the Senate at 10:30 on a Friday night to cast […]

The House passed the watered-down Stimulus Bill! With no Republican votes, obviously — they don’t want to get in trouble with their drug-addict talk-radio boss, what’s his name, Mr. Vulgarian. And now the Senate is voting, hooray! They’ve got 59 of the filibuster-proof 60 votes needed, so it’s all down to one guy, from Ohio. […]

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