sharia law

Here is Fox & Friends’ Heather Nauert on the teevee yesterday, explaining how “sharia law” is taking over, because a YMCA in Minneapolis-St. Paul is going to hold a girls-only swim class one hour a week, providing Somali refugee girls the chance to learn to swim. BUT! Since men won’t be allowed in the pool […]

Here we are with another collection of stories that are too stoopid to ignore altogether but that we just couldn’t bring ourselves to waste a full-length post on. Think of it as the Arby-Q of Wonkette posts. Let’s start with the latest from longtime Wonket pal Larry Klayman, who was at it again last week […]

Just in case plain old hating Messicans wasn’t enough reason to oppose immigration reform, Texas wingnut extraordinaire Cathie Adams, the former state GOP chair and current president of Texas Schlafly Rangers Eagle Forum, has found a new reason: on something called “End Times Radio” last week, she explained that the Senate’s immigration bill legislates the Mark […]

Folks in North Carolina have a funny way of celebrating freedom this Fourth of July. While many folks around this great land are canceling fireworks displays because of freedom-loving sequestration, North Carolina legislators are working on a bill to give women the freedom to not worry about control of their bodies! Don’t worry your pink-shoe-wearing […]

Tennessee legislators were worried that the new porcelain fixture in a corner of a remodeled Capitol restroom might splash Sharia Law all over them, but building managers were quick to reassure them that it was merely a mop sink. As we all know, Muslim footbaths threaten America’s social fabric (actual headline), so you just can’t […]

Lots of red-blooded US Merkins love America so much they want to LEAVE IT (because Kenyan Mooslim Sharia Oppression and such). But one such patriot is a little more interesting! Sup, guy who started Alabama’s secession petition Derrick Belcher, 45, of “Chuncula”? “Blah blah libertarianism, RON PAUL!!!1!, freedom, not-racist, hard-working, etc.” Oh yes, here it […]

Tennessee! Tennessee’s latest contribution to the world is a bill by a group that invokes the soaring noble bird hero of America, the eagle, in order to keep things nice and white and Christian around here. This time, because unfortunately there have been previous times, this awful group wants to limit the number of foreign-born […]

Oklahoma’s 10th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Oklahoma’s proposed amendment to ban the use of Sharia law in the state Tuesday, helping to catapult this evil maneuver into oblivion. The court’s ruling upheld a lower court’s 2011 decision to block the amendment, which received 70 percent support when it was passed in a 2010 […]

The vicious professional Muslim-haters of the anti-religious freedom organization “Preserving Freedom Conference” were all set to make their pretty pennies holding a sweaty, paranoid circle jerk for Islamo-fear fetishists at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, but the mean venue owners canceled their booking contract after they realized it might be bad for business to be […]

According to Herman Cain’s latest terrorismism reports from Tennessee, he can safely tell us that whatever the Mooslims over there are up to these days, it is “not innocent.” Tennessee is practically Afghanistan, is how bad things have gotten, which means that it is full of poor, mostly illiterate people ruled by intolerant religious fanatics […]

Put away your filthy magazines and Glee soundtrack! Because “culture war news” never gets old, America’s future Screaming Banshee-in Chief signed another one of those dumb pledge things, this one called “The Marriage Vow,” where she promises never to sex her husband and hate Islam and farm babies, and uh, what’s that old favorite? Oh yeah, […]

SHARIA ALERT, THREE SIRENS. Coming to D.C.: “Qatari” Muslim supremacists are building a giant super-mosque “shopping center” (whatever the hell “Qatari” is, probably the name of bin Laden’s favorite sock brand), and it will suck dimwitted consumers into its shops and brainwash them with lessons on how to be oppressed. Oh, whatever. Maybe they will […]

Like the time he single-handedly saved the Boy Scouts from Barack Obama’s indifference, Chuck Norris only latches onto a conservative cause when they’re facing dire straits and need somebody who can kick his way out of them. And now, nearly a decade after 9/11, the time has come for him to make one last stand […]

Police arrested four Christians for disorderly conduct the other day after they tried to distribute Gospel of John books outside the Dearborn Arab International Festival — held in the heavily muslinized city of Dearborn, near Detroit. According to “John,” who posted the arrest video on the Internet and also possibly wrote the gospel in question, […]

Oh no. Oh no no no. What is this? What … how? Democratic “gangbangers,” gangbanging doors, with flyers? And a video — a terrifying video! — of an anonymous woman, who fears for her dear sweet life … HELP! NEW JERSEY DEMOCRATIC FLYER-GANGBANGERS! [Hot Air] Michelle Malkin double-doggy dares you to defend muslins and their […]