sexual harrassment

Original Mens Rights Activist Phyllis Schlafly, that grand old thing, has some thoughts on women in combat. She is against it. She is against it for all your standard Phyllis Schlafly reasons, but adds in one extra, just to keep things spicy: Men will not be able to stop themselves from the temptation of raping […]

Sure, there’s a war on women (but it’s more like a no-fly zone on women, no?), but why isn’t anyone paying attention to that other catastrophic American culture war -the war by women. It’s bad enough that young boys suffer as casualties when women of all ages insist on assaulting traditional American gender roles, but […]

It seems — it is possible — that diabeetus queen Paul Deen is perhaps and maybe not the nice lady she pretends to be on her television program, “Cooking Hot Garbage With Paula Deen.” Lisa Jackson is a woman who worked as a restaurant manager for Deen for so many years, turning around a failing […]