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This isn't about democracy, this is about politics. Which Democracy doesn't need.

Andrea Tantaros’s Lawsuit Against Fox News Is OMG WTF INSANE!

Bill O'Reilly's in there too. AND former Sen. Scott Brown. AND Dean Cain. AND AND AND AND AND!

Wonkagenda: Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Ivanka Trump Not Strong, Powerful Woman Immune To Sexual Harassment After All

Ivanka Trump actually wrote about being sexually harassed in her book that she wrote.

Wonkagenda: Wednesday, August 03, 2016.

You get in here and read your newz breif, RIGHT NOW!
Looks like he has some experience denying relationships

Ben Carson’s Best Buddy Armstrong Williams Is A Big Ol’ Manrasser! (Allegedly!)

Armstrong Williams, Ben Carson's business manager and longtime advisor, has been accused of sexual harassment by a former employee. Of course we have the icky alleged details!
I'm still big. It was my sentence that got smaller.

Louisiana Prosecutor Helped Lady Defendants Out Of Criminal Charges, Clothes

Hey, if you're sick of stories about cops behaving badly and getting away with it, how about a change of pace? From Louisiana, we have this nauseating story of a district attorney behaving very badly and getting away with...

Tennessee GOPer Doesn’t Want Anyone Sexually Harassing Women But Him

State Rep. Jeremy Durham (R - Your Vagina) is one of the key cosponsors of Tennessee's anti-trans bathroom bill -- a bill supposedly meant to protect women from sexual predators pretending to be trans women in order to go...
It's almost as if we wanted one of these gents to look bad.

Russ Feingold Seeks To Retake Senate Seat From Teabagger Crapsack Ron Johnson

We've got another fun Senate race for you this week, kids, and this one's actually a rematch: In Wisconsin, former Sen. Russ Feingold wants to win back the seat that teabagger, would-be Obamacare-murderer, and all around schmuck Ron Johnson...
Going directly to hell for making this meme, do not pass go, BRB.

Duggar BFF Bill Gothard Sorry For Doing Rapey Sex To All Those Ladies, On Their Feets

Last week, we told you that, in the shock of the century, creepy rightwinger homeschooling guru Bill Gothard, the man tasked with teaching young sibling diddlewanker Josh Duggar how to keep his hands out of his sisters' no-no spots,...
Really. What the actual fuck?

Giant Pussies At LSU Fire Professor For Saying Bad, Bad Words

For your "You have got to be fucking kidding me" files, we present the story of Louisiana State University associate professor Teresa Buchanan, who was fired effective June 19 for having "sexually harassed" her students -- if, that is,...
I always just felt bad for Mel Blanc in that VA role. Eh, it's a job, Buck.

Lady Scientists, Wanna Get Ahead? Smile And Let Men Sneak A Peek Down Your Lab Coat

We learned two new things this week! Numero Uno, we learned that Science Magazine has a career advice columnist, Alice Huang. And Numero Two-o, we learned that she is sometimes A Idiot, like when she told a female postdoctoral...
Be afraid. Very afraid.

It Is Time To Ban All The Men From Congress, Obviously

Men are kind of the worst,* as we all know. They are paid more money for the same job at . They are charged less for dry-cleaning. They do most of the murdering, raping, domestic violencing and other criming....
Hey Baby. Want to wrap your legs around an American legend?

Internet’s Stupidest Man Chuck C. Johnson: Disgraced Torturer Allen West Also A Big Horndog

So file this under shocking maybe mildly surprising if true: "Award-Winning Journalist" Chuck C. Johnson, the newly crowned Stupidest Man on the Internet, accuses conservative icon and disgraced former Army ColonelĀ and one-term-only congressman Allen West of having done...
Can't believe they kept these wild photos!

DEA Gets Its Very Own Colombian Hookers-N-Blow Scandal

Members of the Secret Service have to be feeling pretty relieved that theirs is now not the only federal agency with an embarrassing hookers-in-Colombia scandal. Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency allegedly had "sex parties" -- and possibly even...
You'd think a guy who wears ducky jammies in public would have better judgment

Rep. Blake Farenthold: I Did Not Have ‘Wet Dreams’ About Sexing That Staffer I Fired

In December, we gasped and clutched our pearls and LOL'd sooooo hard and then gagged even harder at the news that Texas Congressfool Blake Farenthold (R-Footie Pajamas) had been sued for sexually harassing his former communications director, Lauren Greene,...