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As surely as the leaves must change and the birds must fly south (but just a few miles, because global warming), Cocktober inevitably brings with it stories of elected officials behaving like a bunch of bonobos, only without the social graces. From Kentucky, for instance, we have the tale of former state Rep. John Arnold […]

As part of a mediation deal in his sexual harassment lawsuit, San Diego’s creepy harassment Mayor Bob Filner is expected to resign Friday. Filner was seen removing boxes from City Hall yesterday and loading them into an SUV, so it appears that he will not have to be escorted from the building by Security. It […]

A federal judge dismissed a racial discrimination suit against Diabeetus Queen Paula Deen Monday, ruling that plaintiff Lisa Jackson, who is white, could not have been harmed by the use of racist epithets in the workplace by Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers (a story which Yr. Wonkette broke back in April 2012). District Court […]

You know how San Diego Mayor Bob “Dirty Old Man” Filner is, like, the creepiest mayor what ever mayored and sexually harassed three four ALL the women? Well, don’t get your panties in a twist; his lawyer says it’s not his fault! “The city has a legal obligation to provide sexual harassment training to all […]

In today’s edition of Political Rock Out With Your Cock Out, four more women have come forward to accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who is obviously not a Democrat or Wonkette would not be writing about him, of being a serial creeper who can’t ever be in a room with a woman without very […]

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is being pressured to resign after a number of former supporters have come forward with accusations that the first-term Democrat had sexually harassed them. While the mayor has released a video in which he apologizes for treating women on his staff disrespectfully, even admitting “I need help,” Filner also somehow […]

While Texas Republicans are working hard to protect some awful men who do not understand what abortion is from regretting their abortions, Republicans in Washington are working hard to protect your constitutional right to sexually harass hot chicks. Over the past month, conservatives and libertarians have criticized efforts to curb sexual harassment on college campuses […]

Today occasions the publication of James O’Keefe’s first foray into longform prose, with his semi-autobiographical fantasy novel Breakthrough: I Did Not Title This After Chapter 6 In Andrew Breitbart’s Memoir! Shut Up! Jesus! Shut the Hell Up! Even though Mary McCue — James’ publicist at Threshold Editions (an embarrassing division of Simon & Shuster) — […]

You may have been under the impression that conservatives are mostly worried about too much sexxytime, anywhere — at least for other people — but it turns out that at least a few conservative stalwarts don’t worry as much about sinful fornicatin’ so much. Instead, some fear that Barack Obama is secretly just a big […]

Holy fucking shitbags, GOP, are you even trying to compete for the womyn vote anymore? If you are, you are doing a fantastically terrible job and it, and all libruls should just hope you continue talking right up to election day, because you are seriously going above and beyond the call of duty. The Senate […]

An 18 year old airline passenger is suing the pants off United Airlines after a flight crew took no action on her repeated complaints about a disgusting passenger who was “masturbating and exposing his penis” for “long periods” on a six-hour flight last October. Monica Amestoy, who was 17 at the time, is seeking damages […]

Seems like of late the military just cannot sate its appetite for sexually harassing ladies. The Air Force and the Army have been all about hiring dudes to prevent sexual harassment but said dudes have an unfortunate tendency to be sexual harassers, but the Marines have really lagged behind in the “how to treat women […]

Well, golly, it’s been at least a day or so since we’ve reported on some elected asshat saying something reprehensible in public, so obviously we’re overdue. This time around, the idiot is Connecticut Rep. Ernest Hewitt (D-OhForFuckssake), who last week decided that a dick joke would make for a perfect reply to a 17 year […]

Do you wake up in the morning and think: “man, I sure wish I could get paid fancy WaPo monies to write about, well, nothing really?” (SPOILER ALERT/TRIGGER WARNING: we wish for that gig EVERY. DAMN. DAY). Do you also wish that you could be the least self-aware motherfucker on God’s green earth while simultaneously […]

We have a feeling that maybe this one is not going to hold up on appeal, just maybe, but who knows? The Iowa Supreme Court has decided that … you know, folks, really, maybe if you’re holding something that you might break your computer with, you should put it down … so they decided that […]