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As a person who just got a broken molar fixed (just fine, thanks!), Yr Doktor Zoom is especially alert to the word “dentist” in news stories at the moment. And so our eyes opened up at this story from the Great State of Texas: A Central Texas dentist has been sentenced to 21 days in […]

Sexual harassment education videos may be my favorite thing on YouTube, and this one may be my favorite example of my favorite thing on YouTube. Not only does it have the best title — “Unwanted Affection” — but it was produced for employees of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Because if you’re going to serve […]

Though we are all about loving how much gay marrying has been going on across the country, sometimes that overshadows the fact that it still really really sucks in many states to be a gay person who would like to have a job without fuckery or the fear of being fired, or both. Law-wise, there’s […]

Hey ladies. You know how the GOP is all wanting you to like them? And not just like them, but like them like them, because of how you are all slutty whoremonsters who vote for Democrats? Well, the Wisconsin State Assembly GOP Majority Leader is seeking to give ‘women’s outreach’ his personal touch. Unfortunately, he […]

Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford would really like to be Governor, but he’s got a teensy little problem: persistent rumors that he’s gay (a possible electoral drawback for someone with an “R” after his name) and worse, rumors that he had sexually harassed male staffers. And then Monday, staffer Ed Michalowski, Rutherford’s director of community affairs […]

The problem of misconduct by America’s Military Leaders is a very serious matter that deserves serious attention. Happily, many fine publications are doing that, so let’s talk about this WaPo story about the fapping colonel. As part of a story on officers being less than gentlemen, the Post found the tale of Brigadier General Martin […]

Just to prove that a gross story about a nasty human being can ALWAYS get grosser and nastier, we have this update to the story of former New York State Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, who resigned last weekend after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. And although he resigned, he also claimed that he hadn’t […]

It is a bit quiet news-wise today, so let us talk about Roger Ailes’ dick. Oh sure, we could talk about any other subject under the sun besides Roger Ailes’ dick. The terrible cold weather, the latest slap on the wrist for JPMorgan, S.E. Cupp taking the early lead for dumbest column any pundit will […]

“I got a boner when I walked into the office today when I saw you,” New York Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, 62, (ALLEGEDLY) told his 28-year-old communications director. That is so sweet! What young lady doesn’t want to feel pretty and powerful, knowing she can make an admirer get blood in his peepee until it throbs […]

Well, kids, we’ve cracked the code on today’s Republican talking point: boobie-staring freedoms and how the liberals are trying to take even that away from us. First, the Daily Caller reported that progressives are trying to “take away our activities” of staring at boobies, which is a “freedom” right there in the Constitution (written in […]

Leering homunculus Patrick Howley saw a link to a social science abstract somewhere (no, Mr. Howley, do not try to convince us that’s from your casual reading) about this study that seems to confirm that, yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as an “objectifying gaze” — and decided, based on absolutely nothing in the […]

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, people, you keep getting Blowvember all wrong. First, CBS tries to co-opt it by blowing every news story it reports on. And now the Secret Service is being super-creepy with the ladies, according to the Washington Post. It seems that this past spring, a Secret Service agent was trying […]

Herman Cain has spent the past two years trying to clear his name of wrongful accusations that he groped that lady, and the other lady, and that third chick, and we think two other ones as well it is hard to keep straight! That is, he has been working to clear his name for the […]

Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar (D – duh, we did say “Los Angeles,” and also sexual harassment, right?), did you sexually harass that employee you were consensually boning? No? Okay, cool then, nothing to see here bye! [Francine] Godoy, 34, said in her lawsuit that Huizar cut back her duties “significantly” and ordered her […]

Serial creepmeister and former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner pleaded guilty yesterday to a single count of felony false imprisonment and two counts of misdemeanor battery. Under the plea deal, he will not go to jail, but will be prevented from ever holding public office again. The Democrat (and former Congressman) resigned in August following […]